It’s the season of gifting and the countdown is on!  Only two weeks more before the big Christmas day. Cash counters everywhere are ringing non-stop. While the early birds are all done with their Christmas shopping, there may be many (like me) still wondering what to get their loved ones. If you’re struggling with finding that perfect Christmas gift for your family, read on. We’ve short-listed a few favorite family Christmas gift ideas to help spread the joy.


20 Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Everything about Christmas is fun! Decorating the tree, your homes, and your front yards. The cherry on the cake is no doubt – the gifts. The joy of opening gifts is priceless, and a sight to behold. So here are some Christmas gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on your family’s faces.

Matching Pajamas

Family Pajamas Sets

Set the mood for your Christmas day by getting matching pajamas. Choose from a variety of quirky designs, colors, wordings, and you’re all set for your family picture. If you’re a pet lover, don’t worry. There are festive pajama sets that are considerate of these family members too.

Winter Slippers

Winter Slippers - family Christmas gift ideas

Cinderella went from rags to riches with the help of her glass slippers. This winter season, keep your feet warm by investing in these cute plaid clogs. You can get matching ones for the rest of your family too.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments - family Christmas gift ideas

Create special memories by putting up personalized Christmas decorations. Hang these symbols of your togetherness on your tree or mantle. Years later, these Christmas decorations will still have a special place in your hearts.

Family Games 

Family Games - family Christmas gift ideas

What is a thoughtful family Christmas gift idea that can last longer than Christmas? Family games! Imagine a night of fun, frolic with laughter, and competition. 

Invest in some board games and it will amp up your next game night. Choose games based on the ages of your family such as monopoly, Pictionary, and Jenga. Older kids might enjoy games like cards against humanity, jinx, or the epic Catan game.

Bucket List Movie Poster

Bucket List Movie Poster - family Christmas gift ideas

The perfect gift for movie lovers. No more wondering which movie to watch or who gets to choose. Take turns scratching the poster and find out which movie you’re watching on your movie night. Get a tub of extra buttery popcorn and you’re good to go!

Personalized Jigsaw Piece

Personalized Jigsaw Piece - family Christmas gift ideas

Adorn your wall with this unique customized jigsaw puzzle. Choose your most treasured family pictures to customize the jigsaw. Spend time putting together the jigsaw piece and frame them to create a unique wall art of memories.

Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar - family Christmas gift ideas

I forget birthdays. Despite saving the information on my phone, calendars, and even writing post-it notes, I forget. And then I came across this wonderful birthday calendar. Being a DIY project, you can spend quality time with your family arranging the calendar. This is a wonderful way of noting down the important days of your loved ones. The bonus, it makes for beautiful wall decoration.

Photo Frames Christmas Gift

Photo Frames - family Christmas gift ideas

Display your favorite family pictures with these photo frames. Bring out all those photos you had been meaning to hang up. Showcasing them just got easier.

Customized Name Signs

Customized Name Signs - family Christmas gift ideas

What’s in a name, you ask? Everything! 

Imagine the sense of satisfaction you get when you see your name hanging on your front door. Customize a name sign for the family and watch the joy as everyone hangs it up. This makes a perfect family Christmas gift idea.

Family Calendar Planner

Family Calendar Planner - family Christmas gift ideas

Doctor’s and dental appointments, recitals, soccer practice, Maths lessons, and birthday parties. The list can be endless. As parents, we will be juggling many balls at the same time. Our secret to success- a family planner calendar. This is essential in every household and helps keep our lives on track.

Care Packages

Care Packages - family Christmas gift ideas

Nothing says you care like a care package. It could be snacks for the kids, a luxurious spa package to pamper the women in your life or a grooming set for the men.

Scented Candles Christmas Gift

Scented Candles - family Christmas gift ideas

Sure, it might not be something that catches a man’s eye or even kids for that matter. But that’s not to say, no one enjoys a fresh well scented home. Light a candle to keep away the blues, and to restore your body and mind.

DIY Family Kits

DIY Family Kits - family Christmas gift ideas

Purchase these simple DIY family kits and create your special family artwork. Engaging in these crafts is not just enabling you to spend time with your kids. Rather it helps you create memories to last a lifetime.

TableTopics Family Gathering

TableTopics Family Gathering

This is a great conversation starter and especially helpful if you’re looking for a way to connect with your tweens or learn more about them. You can also choose between TableTopics couples or dinner parties to spice up your next party.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets

A good night’s rest goes a long way. This Christmas, present your family the key to peaceful sleep. You can choose weighted blankets for both kids and adults depending on their weight, and say goodbye to restless nights.

Travel Maps

Travel maps

If you’re a family that loves to travel, this would make for a perfect family Christmas gift. Set it up and document your travels on the map with push pins. Use it to plan your next amazing adventure. This travel map is a visual reminder of all the fun and special memories you had as a family.

iHome Robot

Best family Christmas gift idea - iHome robot

If there is one thing that divides a family, it’s chores! This time, give your family a break by investing in an iHome robot that can tackle the issue of keeping your house spic and span. This way you don’t have to constantly argue about whose turn it is. Instead, put your feet up and enjoy some quality time.

Cooking Gadgets

waffle maker

They say a way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. If so, invest in some nifty cooking gadgets. Splurge on a waffle maker, which will also be a hit among the kids. If you’re a coffee-lover, buy yourself an Espresso machine or an Instapot if you’re a working mother. By investing in these cooking gadgets, you can save time, at the same time prepare scrumptious meals for the entire family. 

Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone

We’ve covered game nights and movie nights, what’s next? Karaoke nights! Unleash those hidden musical talents and have some fun to the sound of music.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Subscribe to subscription boxes of your choice and interest and enjoy or learn something new each month. This makes a good addition to our unique family Christmas gift ideas.

We’ve compiled this list of family Christmas gift ideas to save you time researching the same. So make haste and grab those goodies you know your family will enjoy!

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