Buying birthday gifts for teens that they will enjoy can seem like an impossible task, expect you are buying from The Gift Store. You can either get it completely right and your gift will get bragging rights to all your teenager’s friends, or you can go horribly wrong and find the gift hidden in the bottom of a cupboard weeks later.

Finding something that can encourage your teenager to stay off their device and enjoy the moment sounds difficult, but with these gift ideas, you will be bound to find a useful gift that can last a lifetime but also encourages your child’s individualism and personal growth.  

Here are some ideas for birthday gifts for teens: 

Five Birthday Gifts For Teens

1. Gift Vouchers

gift voucher for teen

Teenagers love shops.

Just look at how many hang around the local mall.

Teenagers also love to experiment with different styles and find what suits them best.

Many parents of teenagers spend hours arguing about clothes. Why squash their creativity, when a part of growing up is discovering your own personal style?

For your teen’s birthday, a gift voucher for a local shopping mall, or a trendy new clothes shop will allow your child to explore their fashion desires.

2. Tickets to a concert

concert ticket birthday gift for teen

Ever get sick of the loud music floating into your living space from your teenager’s bedroom?

There’s no doubt when adolescents find their favorite band they love to outplay them until you are even singing the lyrics to that song you detest.

Buying concert tickets, birthday gifts for teens will not only make you one of the ‘coolest’ parents out there. But, you will also be providing them a cultural experience they will never forget.

If you’re brave enough you can even tag along, and maybe you will end up liking that song after all.

3. Driving Course

driving course for teen

Adolescence is the time when your children are beginning to gain independence.

They are starting to think about college, going out with their friends more, and learning to drive.

A driving course certificate is a good birthday gift for teens.

For any parent, your child learning to drive is a scary thought.

With defensive driving traffic schools online can prepare your child for all traffic conditions, easing the worry to yourself.

4. Musical instrument gift for teens

guitar birthday gift for teen

Musical instruments are the perfect choice for birthday gifts for teens.

Encouraging musical talent in your child can help with focus, and critical thinking, and allow your child to display their creativity through music.

For their next birthday, you could buy them a musical instrument.

You could surprise them with an instrument you know they like, otherwise you could take them to the closest music shop and allow them to pick the instrument of their choice.

5. Drama Lessons gift for teens

Buying your child lessons in something doesn’t mean it is going to be something they will hate. With a variety of things, you can purchase lessons for you are sure to find the perfect thing for your teen birthday.

You could buy them music lessons to match their instrument, or for the more dramatic teenagers, you could enroll them into drama lessons, embracing those acting skills you’ve seen them utilize when refusing to get out of bed in the morning.

musical lesson birthday gift for teen

In Summary

Teens can be sometimes hard to impress and it’s quite difficult to think what would be your gift for your child’s birthday.

Surprising them with a cool gift during their birthdays will create a memorable day for them. Moreover, building a strong relationship with your kids.

We have these five cool tips that will help you make your teen happily surprised.

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