Famous Parenting Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020

Father’s day comes and goes each year and some years we triumph with a fantastic gift that goes down a storm. Other years our fathers day gift ideas choice leaves a little to be desired.

So with that in mind, today we are sharing some unique and interesting ideas to treat your dad to something really special for this next father’s day.  

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Here are some of the best fathers day gift ideas!


Sports Mad Dad

Most dads love some sort of sports so think on what great sporting memories you can create.  

Perhaps it’s a ticket to the biggest soccer game of the year (a bit of forward planning will be necessary for that one!)  A great fathers day gift idea could be a season ticket to watch his favorite basketball team. 

Or if your dad is into baseball you could get him something a little bit different. Make your dad chuckle with a basketball bobbleheads of his favorite baseball player, or even of himself with his favorite player.

fathers day gift ideas

There is a fantastic board game Across The Board Baseball Game which the whole family will love.

Maybe a Gun Muscle Massager can help ease the stresses of a big game – or just a big day at the office!!

For those Dads who love watching instead of participating the NFL Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Bag is just the thing.  Watch endless hours of your chosen sports with ice-cold drinks right at your hip pocket!

Outdoor Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Perhaps your dad loves being in the great outdoors.  Organize a day out with your dad in the fresh air doing something that he really enjoys.

You can turn up on Father’s Day morning with the car already packed and ready with fishing equipment.   Ensure that you have all the equipment you think you will need.  

Maybe your Dad could do with a versatile pocket knife to get him out of any trouble he could possibly get into if you grab some walking boots and a handmade picnic for the two of you. 

You could even head outdoors for all the family to spend the day together.  Look at packing some awesome camping chairs to enjoy the great outdoors.

fathers day gift ideas

Keep in check with weather reports in the lead up to father’s day.  For a dad who loves being outdoors the activity you plan will greatly rely on the weather.

If your activity leaves you at the mercy of mother nature then make sure you have a Plan B.  Having an alternative neatly tucked up your sleeve will give you plenty of options.

Adrenaline Dad

Maybe your dad is always wanting to try something a little bit different.  He may even be a little bit crazy.

Listen to the things he says he’d love to do then see if you can’t organize something completely different for your dad to try.  Something new and exciting is always one of a number of fantastic fathers day gift ideas.

fathers day gift ideas

He may have always wanted to drive a racing car around a track, do a bungee jump or have a hot air balloon ride.

Put a bit of thought into the kind of unique experiences you think your dad would just love.

Look at the aftermath of his latest experience.  Maybe sitting and having a nice cold beer with mates could be your gift idea.  What if you could gift him a personalised cooler to show off in front of his adrenaline-junky mates?  Wouldn’t that be cool??


Most adrenaline-junky Dads also love music.  They swing to the unusual beats of whatever it is that takes their fancy!

Give them the opportunity to have their “tunes” by gifting them a waterproof outdoor speaker so they may “go with the flow”!!

Chilled Out Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If your dad is pretty chilled?  He may love nothing more than just being at home and relaxing with his family.  In this case look at the more simple things that your dad would really enjoy.

We have found the perfect gift for chilled out Dads!!! The picture on a mug gift will not only show him how much you care, but will let him show all his buddies how important he is!


There are many ways to show Dad just how much he means!  Try a personalized charging pad for his phone, a customized wallet, or upgrade him from Alexa to Amazon Echo!

Are you good at cooking?  Then look at preparing his favorite meal for him and the rest of your family.

Organize to watch his favorite movie with him afterward.   Just generally indulge him in a good old-fashioned day of relaxation and fun with all the family together.  An easy day just chilling at home and enjoying each other as a family.


fathers day gift ideas

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make our dads happy.


Fathers Day gift ideas can be quite tricky after a while.  At Famous Parenting, we will update you every year so that you will always have the most up-to-date, trendy gifts for Dad.

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