When you’re a parent, it can seem like the excitement that you experience is mostly through your children. You live for their emotions; you are ecstatic when they are happy, are super upset when they’re sad, and take on a form of anger that is indescribable when they are being bullied or can’t comprehend something. It’s just the way that it goes.

So, when it comes to birthdays or big events, we’re not expecting much. We would much rather let everybody else have a nice time than ourselves. It’s selfless in a way, but totally not the way that we should let it be. We need to treat ourselves every once in a while!  There are some things that every parent needs.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 gifts that every parent needs:


Don’t worry, it’s not the gift of going for a run. Getting yourself a smartwatch such as a Fitbit can be vital in giving you the motivation to change some bad habits that you may have slipped into. Monitoring how much you are moving, drinking, eating, and sleeping throughout the day can give you just a little indication of what you need to do to start living a better life. This isn’t just for you, but your children as well, so it’s not just a selfish present. See? Even when we’re doing nice things for ourselves like this, the kids come in somewhere!

A Break

Go to a spa, go on a walk, go to the cinema by yourself. Anything – as long as you are getting some time to yourself. It’s not being rude or closed-off, it’s living a life for just a couple of hours that you were used to before.


If you wear glasses, look up the pros and cons of lasik eye surgery. This can be a game-changer, especially if your glasses are prone to talking a walk by themselves every couple of days. If you know that you are splurging a lot on buying replacements every year, think of how much you’ll save.

A Book

Instead of reading ourselves to sleep, we’re now checking websites and social media to get our fix of words. Take it back to old school and pick up a book to read. There are so many literary geniuses writing for our pleasure right now; take advantage of what’s on offer.

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A Nice Meal

If your kids are old enough to cook for you, see what they can rustle you up. If you’re not too sure about their skills, take yourself out or go all out on a brilliant gourmet meal to cook at home. There’s a certain level of comfort that nice food can provide to you without having to break the bank. Have a look online for some recipes from your favorite cuisines to inspire you, or stick to what you know and bung together your favorite dish to enjoy. With children, it can be hard to have what you love and enjoy if you’re catering to their diets or fussiness. Cook just for you. It’s not selfish – it’s deserved.

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