Finding mom self-care can be impossible when you’re caught in the whirlwind of the endless to-do list, after-school activities, appointments, work, and house chores.

You barely have time to add your own self-care to that list! Being a busy mom is a full-time job, but there is a time to put your parenting duties on hold—when the kids are at school.

This short window of time is made for prioritizing you and only you.

Below, we have a few tips on how you can use this time to pamper yourself and finally do some much-needed, much-deserved mom self-care.

5 Mom Self Care Tips


1. Exercise

Getting your body moving is a great way to relieve stress, so take a minimum of thirty minutes after the kids are on the bus and heading to school to do a morning workout.

This doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout to be effective, but just enough to get your heart rate up.

mom self care tips

Routine exercise aids in the release of feel-good endorphins, allowing our bodies to better adapt to stress and relieve its side effects.

It also supports a healthy mind by allowing us to focus on physical motion instead of stressful tasks we encounter in our day.

So, go for a nature walk or run, follow an online workout video, practice your favorite sport, or hop in the pool for a swim!

Ask a friend to join to make it more fun and hold yourself accountable for your exercise goals.

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2. Achieve Mom Self Care Through a Mental Break 

Being a mom leaves you with little time to take a mental break, which can often lead to anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and high levels of stress.

Calming your thoughts and pulling them away from your to-do list sounds impossible, but can be achieved through a simple meditation or mindfulness practice.

meditation for mums as part of self care

Find a peaceful corner of your home where you feel the most at ease.

With the kids away at school, your chances of disruption are reduced immensely, but go the extra step by leaving your phone in another room or even your physical to-do list.

Then have a few moments of calm to reset and relax your mind. Supporting your mental health can make you more present in your day-to-day and it can also help you to avoid feelings of mom guilt.

So, make meditation a priority to feel your best and find calm amongst your hectic schedule.

3. Mom Self Care Through Pampering Yourself

Self-care comes in many forms, but one of the most beneficial for busy moms is taking time to pamper yourself.

Take a day or two during the school week to have an at-home spa day! Start with a nourishing skincare routine.

Skincare has become popular for many women, with its benefits including healthier skin, anti-aging properties, and an overall boost in confidence.

tips for mums to look after self while kids at school

So, apply a face mask or a smoothing anti-aging cream and then hop in the bath.

A warm bath can relieve muscle aches and give your body a chance to recover from chasing your kids around and daily chores. However, the importance of anti-aging body cream is essential for moms. Find quality estrogen cream and ensure a youthful and refreshed skin always.

Once you feel clean and refreshed, put your comfiest outfit on, make some comfort food, and enjoy some time with your favorite television show or book.

This self-care, a simple way of pampering yourself will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the impending busy after-school schedule.

4. Mom Self Care Through Getting Some Rest

Prioritizing sleep can be difficult, especially if you have little ones that struggle to sleep through the night.

Lack of sleep and sleep deprivation can prevent you from enjoying the present and can lead to serious short and long-term health risks.

self care tips for moms

Take time during the school day to take a power nap to fully recharge. Your mental focus will thank you for it! Rest also comes in other forms.

It can be a few minutes of journaling, sitting outside for fresh air, reading, or laying down to watch a few episodes of your show.

Whether you need to catch up on sleep or your body just needs to rest, be sure to make it a priority throughout the school week.

5. Mom Self Care Through Socialization

As a mom, social gatherings are often put on the back burner and you might find yourself saying “no” more often to plans with your friends.

Use the time when your kids are at school to reconnect with friends for a lunch date, walk, or even to help one another out with daily chores.

Making time for your friends is important, and gives you a support system as you navigate motherhood.

This can also be a great time to meet new people by joining clubs and organizations!

self care tips for moms while kids are at school

Find groups that are interested in similar activities or even join a mom’s support group to grow your social network.

It can be easy to get stuck at home when parenting, so make it a priority to get out of the house and see some new and familiar faces!

To Sum Up Tips For Mom Self Care

Finding time to prioritize yourself comes with a multitude of benefits, but can be challenging to find as a busy mom. However, you can strategize!

Using the school day to make time for much-needed self-care is a great place to start, and we hope these tips will leave you feeling recharged to tackle the busy days and give you a chance to put yourself #1 on that endless to-do list!

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