Let us be the first to say: Congratulations on becoming a mum!  With this new little bundle of joy in your life comes a huge change in your day-to-day life. Things that used to be quite easy to fit in your schedule like getting a haircut, can become overwhelming to do.

The task of getting a haircut prior to becoming a mum used to be simple, enjoyable, and quite relaxing.

But with a newborn and the transition into motherhood, learning to balance caring for a newborn whilst caring for yourself is no simple feat. 

Many women get haircuts right before the baby arrives. They love to have that fresh feel as they welcome a baby into the world. Ideally, new mothers go for  a low-maintenance choice of hairstyle.

However, time passes quickly and hair grows longer and thicker.  The need for a haircut becomes something you think about every time you look in the mirror. But, with a bub that needs you frequently, it is hard to find the time and energy to ‘duck out’ to the salon. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I tried to bring bub to a salon to get my hair done.  I did this just once, and it was a much less relaxing experience than I envisioned.

Cons Of Going To A Hair Salon For A New Mum

The salon staff were lovely and accommodating, but, it didn’t stop my baby from crying.

I needed to stop the haircut for a feed to quiet my crying baby.  This made me feel guilty.  The other women empathetically smiled whilst I apologized for affecting their relaxing salon time.

As I got home, I started to look for an alternative way to take care of myself.  I had to find a way that works for my new lifestyle as a Mom. 

I stumbled across the idea of a mobile hairstylist from the mum’s group I was part of.

A hairdresser that comes to your house… revolutionary! 

new mum has haircut by mobile hair stylist

Moreover, you don’t have to brace yourself for a big outing, just for a haircut.  You can have a salon haircut in the comfort of your own home, where bub is comfortable and so are you.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Hairdresser:

Convenience Of Mobile Hair Styling

The best part of having a hairdresser come to your house is the convenience.  Give bub a feed in the comfort of your own home, whenever they need it.

Without the noise of hairdryers, music, and chatter, I felt more relaxed and even more pampered than if I had been at a salon.

And, when it was all finished and done, and my lovely hairstylist went home.  I wasn’t tired from the ‘big event’ because I didn’t have to drive anywhere or hustle for a parking space either. 

In other words, mobile hairdressers are convenient for new mums as well as families. When it comes to getting haircuts for the whole family, having someone come to your home is amazing.  Getting all the haircuts done in one afternoon, at home, is a fantastic option for convenience as well as affordability.

Save Time With Mobile Hair Styling

Time is precious,  so don’t spend it traveling to and from the salon or trying to find a parking space.

When you calculate how much time is taken up traveling to the salon, and parking the car, it’s scary. Add in waiting at the salon for your appointment, especially when the salon is running behind schedule.  Then, there is the time spend traveling home.

To sum up, there is a lot of time that you could save by having a hairstylist come to your home.

Mobile Hair Styling Is Affordable

Considerng the cost a hairdresser in a salon will pay for overheads.  These include rent, electricity, water bills and many more. 

Mobile hairdressers have significantly fewer overheads.  This means the services they provide are generally more affordable. 

You’ll also reduce costs by not having to spend money on hiring a babysitter, or for parking and commuting. 

Mobile hair styling for new mum melbourne

With an experienced hairstylist, you don’t need to compromise on quality.  Either with the experience or the end result of your haircut or style.

Hair coloring and haircuts can be easily done in your own home.   The hairstylist will organize the logistics of washing your hair using mobile basins.  They also take measures to protect your furniture from hair dye or water. 

Mobile hair salons often offer hair treatments too.  Consider having a keratin smoothing treatment for ready-to-go hair every day for up to 6 months. This treatment can take up to 4 hours in a salon.  By having this done in your own home, you now have 4 hours to be as productive or as relaxed as you see fit!


The transition to motherhood is beautiful but it is also challenging.

However, there are ways to help by choosing comfort and flexibility without compromising on the experience.

Make small choices that have a big impact, like having a mobile hairdresser come to your house.  Take the stress out of getting your hair done with mobile hair styling.  

There will be a time when it’s not a big deal to leave the house with your baby.  When things are simple and easy.  And, when that time comes, after experiencing the convenience of an in-home hairstylist, you may not be rushing back to the salon!

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