When it comes to babywearing, everyone is concerned about the baby’s position in the carrier. Indeed, we all should be and that is why we are giving you some babywearing tips.

In fact, it’s important that you know how to properly carry your baby in a carrier. This will not only keep them safe but support your baby’s correct physical development.

However, don’t forget about yourself! Too often we, as parents, do that. But you can’t with babywearing. If you want to reap all the wonderful benefits of this technique, you need some babywearing tips. These will make sure that you and your baby are both positioned in the proper posture and equipped for your outing.

One of the most important factors affecting comfort level when babywearing is posture. A poor posture will slow your body’s healing process after giving birth. Without proper posture, you also put more pressure on your pelvis and certain muscles and joints.

In fact, improper babywearing posture can lead to some terrible pain and body aches. No new mom should have to deal with any more physical pain than she’s already experienced.

Here are three babywearing tips to help you maintain proper posture and afford optimum comfort.

1. Know Your Posture Is Our Top Babywearing Tip

The Number 1 tip we can give is to simply be mindful of your posture.

When babywearing, pay attention to how your ribs are positioned. The added weight of wearing your baby in front will pull your ribs forward. Unchecked, this forward pull can cause unwanted back pain.

If you notice your ribs going forward, engage your lower back muscles to lift them back. Focus on keeping them over the top of your hips.

Pretend your hair is in an Ariana Grande ponytail and someone is pulling it straight up. This will remind you to lengthen your spine and soften your ribs.

Further, the other part of this babywearing tip is to be more mindful of your core. Engaging your core muscles will help you maintain a proper upright posture while babywearing.


If you’re more of a give it to me, step-by-step kind of person, we have you covered. So, once you safely put and position your baby inside the carrier, remember to do the following:

  • Lengthen your spine;
  • Keep your head over your shoulders;
  • Relax and pull your shoulders back;
  • Stick your chest slightly out while keeping your ribs soft and over your hips;
  • Pull your belly button in.

Soon enough, you won’t have to stop and remind yourself to do this. Every time you wear your baby it’ll be a natural posture for your body.

best baby carrier for mum posture

2. Perform Core-Strengthening Exercises

Does your back start to ache after holding your little bundle of joy for a few minutes? That’s a sure sign that you don’t have much core strength. Don’t be embarrassed; it’s totally normal with a new baby.


baby carrier for good parent posture

Your body changes during pregnancy €“ and so does your posture. Indeed, it has to since your belly grows and pulls your center of gravity forward.

Pregnancy also causes your lower back curve to increase which tips your pelvis forward. Moreover, it stretches and weakens your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Does this mean your body is always going to be like this? No! If you perform exercises to strengthen your core, you will, in turn, help improve your post-pregnancy posture.

There are numerous postpartum ab workouts and core strengthening exercises you can do. Once your OB clears you to exercise, find what works for you. The number 2 babywearing tip is to regularly perform these core-strengthening exercises.

3. Babywearing Tip About The Correct Baby Carrier


A good ergonomic carrier will support the natural posture of babies. But, did you know that a good ergonomic carrier can also help with your posture?

The best baby carrier supports your baby the way you would when carrying them in your arms. It holds them high and up close against you.

An ergonomic carrier also evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your shoulders, back and hips. In fact, buying the correct baby carrier is a babywearing tip that will allow you to carry your baby longer. This is because your shoulders, back and hips are being supported almost as much as your baby’s.

There are a variety of carrier types, brands and materials available. Be aware, what’s right for your sister and friends may not be right for you. It’s essential to find a high-quality baby carrier that aligns with your needs and provides a secure and comfortable environment for your little one.

We all have different body types and comfort levels. Different carriers will provide a range of comfort and support to the multitudes of wearers out there.

However, we’ve come to find that the best baby carriers from Ergobaby do everything you want a carrier to do. They’re designed for caregivers and babies, which is how ergonomic baby carriers should be made.

They provide ergonomic support and promote healthy development for your baby. We should also mention, they are as functional and easy to use as they are comfortable for both mom and baby.

ergobaby baby carrier for good posture


Our 3 top babywearing tips are designed to ensure the best comfort and support for bubs and their carers. Proper posture is important for baby’s development and Mom’s back.

Keep your body healthy while nurturing your little one and enjoy this precious time.