With kids heading back to school one thing a lot of parents dread is having to pack lunchboxes every day. A great tip is to get organised and create a system that is easy to follow and takes only a couple of minutes to prepare. I just love smart ways to pack lunches and easy lunchbox solutions.

We all know that kids can be fussy so any smart tactics and organization ideas that are creative can go a long way.  Depending on the ages of your children there are many different ideas to keep them involved.  Not only that, you will have them eating and happy with lunch at school.

At Famous Parenting we are all about giving advice that makes life easier for parents.  We are also passionate about providing information that encourages kids to grow up healthy and happy.

Back to school time can be a real drag on any family particularly with what goes in a lunchbox.  We have found some easy and practical advice that may really help you great lunchbox solutions.




Easy Lunchbox Solutions

You Will Love These Easy Lunchbox Solutions

You have just finished weeks of holidays that most likely involved being away from home and eating anything the family felt like.  Now, it’s back to the rat race and trying to find somewhat healthy solutions that the kids will actually eat!  On top of this is the fact that with both parents most likely working time really is short for preparation of lunches.

Kids lunchbox ideas are always a nightmare and finding easy lunchbox solutions is not fun.  Trying to balance what is “cool” in the lunch room with something close to what they actually eat is hellish.  That’s why I love Amy from Mom Advice and her post on the easiest lunchbox solutions.


back to school lunchbox ideas

She covers easy and affordable options for being organized well in advance and taking advantage of bulk purchasing.  Her ideas of a pre-sorted “lunch station” are worth reading for parents of most school-aged children.

Amy gives great tips on how to add some fun into each childs lunch escpecially after spending weeks together over summer.  From sushi sandwiches to comic strips and jokes inserted into the pail she really nails easy lunchbox solutions.

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