What Is Successful Parenting?

With social media having such a big influence on our lives it’s important to understand what successful parenting means.  We know that success looks very different for every person and that is why we offer some general parenting solutions to help you and your family.

It’s easy to believe that the best parents are the ones who plan the most activities for their kids, or the ones who pack the perfect lunches and there is absolutely nothing wrong with going above and beyond for your kids if it makes sense for your family. But the truth is going above and beyond isn’t what determines success in parenting

The good news is we’ve discovered that most effective parents all have certain things in common.

There are plenty of successful parenting stories in the world from all different backgrounds.  What these parents have in common is they’ve developed certain habits in their lives.

We’ve come up with a list of 8 parenting solutions that successful parents commonly use. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but the habits here are some of the most important.

Read on to find out what success looks like as a parent and to read our best successful parenting tips.

What Defines Successful Parenting?

Every parent will enjoy the early years when our children are cute and adorable and still want to be held. However, successful parenting means knowing our role is a long term one that doesn’t end when our kids turn 18 or 21.

With so many parenting solutions to common problems out there, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s best for our kids.

So how do you define what successful parenting looks like in todays world?

We think success as a parent means your children grow up to be emotionally healthy, thriving and contributing individuals. And to do this we constantly ask ourselves whether the parenting decisions we are making are the right ones. Sometimes it’s choosing what parenting solution is best that is the hardest decision of all. 

It is so important to know that every parent makes mistakes, some of us even make them daily! It is how you deal with the errors that says more about the type of parent you are rather than how frequently you make them.

Your goal shouldn’t be to be seen as a perfect parent (there’s no such thing!) but instead to be an effective parent.

We know all parents are trying to do their best, and all 8 of our parenting solutions can be implemented in your life regardless of your situation.

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8 Parenting Solutions For Successful Parenting


1.  They Are Consistent

Consistency is one of the most important pieces to successful parenting. Even toddlers are smart enough to figure out what they can get away with and how far they can push the boundaries.

When children push back against your boundaries it’s a normal part of learning right from wrong and setting restrictions on behavior.

Our top parenting solution is to enforce your rules consistently so that a child understands actions and consequences. This means both parents need to be on board with the rule and use it consistently. You don’t want to have one parent enforicing the behaviour and one parent allowing it. This will only confuse the child.

There’s always room for flexibility but having structure and a clear set of rules helps your children feel secure in their environment.


2.  They Communicate Well



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Communication is key for successful parenting and in fact any endeavor you undertake.

A successful parent will communicate daily with their children and understand the need to speak and also listen.

How can you expect your children to know what is required of them unless you tell them.

A great parenting solution here is to ensure that everyone involved in your child’s upbringing is on the same page. Whether that be your spouse, your partner, another family member or others outside of the family.  Everyone needs to be giving the same message in order for your child to understand and thrive.

3.  They Have High Expectations

It is important when striving for successful parenting to allow for kids to just be kids sometimes.

What is also vital that we convey is that there are expectations as well.  These may be around things such as packing up and washing their hands when very young.

As they get older our important parenting solution is to set the bar high and be clear on why.

Simply being strict is not the same as having high expectations. Having high expectations means you know what your kids capacity is, you expect them to work hard and do their very best.

It is also advised to reward them in some way when the reach or better your expectations.


4.  They Take Time For Themselves


Contrary to popular belief successful parenting doesn’t mean spending every single second with your kids.

It’s actually really important for the sake of your own physical and mental health to have some time to yourself.

The saying goes “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.   Take some time to rest, exercise and socialize with other adults to re-fill your cup.

You can then return to the nest with renewed energy and focus and that is best for the whole family.

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5.  They Don’t Over-Protect

In today’s world there are many things we need and want to shield our children from.

The younger they are the more we need to look out for and protect them from.

As children grow, successful parenting means understanding the need to experience challenges and failures.

I am sure that you have all heard that the only real way to learn is to fail and then try again.

The truth is, no parent wants to see their kids sad, scared, or disappointed but these are a normal part of life.  Without adversity our children will never learn to be empathetic and well-rounded individuals.


6.  They Encourage Independence


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Speaking of adversity, we realize around 2 years old that our kids want to do things on their own.

The desire for independence starts at an early age.

Whether your child is 2 or 16 the world of successful parenting will encourage their kids to learn new things and explore the world around them.

Independence means they are bound to face challenges and we know these will help your children grow and become even more independent.

7.  They Put Their Kids First

Before we start a family we are able to do what we want when we want with little resistance from anyone else.

But when kids come into the picture we have to put someone else’s needs before our own.

The parenting solution here is balance.

After all this new little human is reliant on us for absolutely EVERYTHING and their needs come first.

As children grow we must continue to confirm their importance in the family.  Successful parenting allows for this without always giving in and without making them the center of the Universe.

A child’s needs will always come before our own.


8.  They Love Their Kids Always

All parents feel love for their children.  Maybe not always but definitely at certain times.

When you lay your eyes on them for the first time, they graduate from kindergarten or they walk across the stage at their high school graduation.

Yes, you are proud of them and who they have become, and your heart is full of love for them.

But most parents also know there are many days you may not have those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Even in those moments when you are angry, hurt or upset our successful parenting solution must be to always love them.

It’s our duty as parents to not only show love on their good days, but to love them every moment for the rest of their lives.

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We hope these parenting solutions will allow your relationship with your children to grow and flourish.

We have many more articles on not only successful parenting but many other topics.