Best Learning Activities For Toddlers

We all like our little ones to be active so what are the best learning activities for toddlers?

If you have a little one you know that being a stay-at-home parent is an incredible experience.   There is an abundance of time to be able to bond with your child but it can also be stressful.

You have a million things to do around the house and this little person is needing constant attention and supervision.

Stay-at-home parents, babysitters and older siblings have all wondered how to entertain an active toddler.

Here are some of our favorite learning activities for toddlers to keep engaged help them learn new skills.


Art Activities To Help Your Toddler Learn

One of the best ways to teach your child to be creative is to give them a blank sheet of paper and let make go.  Kids love coloring, painting and drawing.

You could also give them a coloring book and let them choose how to color it.

These learning activities for toddlers teach them colors and fine motor skills – holding a crayon or pencil.

Art can teach your children to make a certain shape or line while they play.

They will create their own masterpiece and color everything just the way they like.

As a learning activity for toddlers they start to realize the firetruck should be red and the water blue.

learning activities for toddlers art

Blocks Are Great Learning Activities For Toddlers

Playing with blocks is a classic kids pastime and toddler learning activity. Almost every kid I know had blocks, lego or some other variation such as Lincoln Logs.

learning activities for toddlers

These types of toys teach children fine and gross motor skills. Your child will eventually learn to stack the blocks without knocking the tower over.

Another skill they learn is patience and creativity as they watch their masterpiece slowly come to life.

Blocks are the epitome of learning activities for toddlers because learning should be fun while still teaching important skills.

With block play, the more they get into it the more they learn out of it.

Sorting activities

Everyone knows those toys that have different shapes and a hole that matches each shape.

These are a great learning activity for toddlers as it teaches kids to think critically. They have to come up with creative solutions to figure out which shape goes where.

Sorting of any kind helps children learn organization and helps them not give up on things that may be hard at first.

This creates a foundation for learning math and, let’s face it, most of us can use help in that department.



Singing Songs As Learning Activities For Toddlers

Kids will start singing very young and usually love music.

They hear mom and dad or the characters of their favorite shows or videos singing and join in. (Baby Shark getting stuck in anyone’s head about now?)

Singing songs with your kids is a fantastic learning activity for toddlers.

Using different words helps them with speech development and they also are exposed to expressing emotion.

Plus, children singing songs and messing up a bunch of words is adorable. Unless you are the one that has been subjected…I mean treated to a never-ending live performance of “Let it Go.”

learning activities for toddlers


Anything involving the alphabet are useful learning activities for toddlers. From having foam letters to fridge magnets, most children love learning how to form words.


learning activities for toddlers

Learning the alphabet is very important and needs to happen before writing and reading can be possible.

By integrating such activities into your daily routine, you are giving your child an opportunity to increase their mental capacity and intelligence.

Children love races, so challenge them to spell a word and then count to see how long it takes.

They will enjoy the “competition,” but also gain valuable experience.

A Science Experiment Is A Terrific Learning Activity For Toddlers

I remember my mom first showing me what happened if I put vinegar and baking soda into a container together.  It was such a cool moment!


Science experiments are awesome learning activities for toddlers and teach about the world around them.

As they get a little older children can start learning basic science principles. They get to play with the “unknown” and see what happens.

Your children could guess what will happen in the experiment to teach them critical thinking.

Another learning opportunity is to explain why the reaction turned out the way it did.

A really common and awesome science experiment is oobleck. Oobleck is simply water, cornstarch and food dye for impact.

The great thing about oobleck is it is both a solid and a liquid depending on what you do with it.  Oobleck is hours of fun for toddlers and anybody really and it all washes off with water!

learning activities for toddlers

Here are 10 easy experiments to try. Read on!


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Children have an incredible ability to learn, especially toddlers.

By using fun learning activities for toddlers you will increase their knowledge and skills and instill a love of learning.

Your child’s mind is like a sponge just waiting to have information drip-fed.  As a parent with a toddler, you want to encourage them to explore and expand while having a wonderful time.

We hope these ideas help your toddler’s learning take off and to read more like this click here.

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