Family Activities To Beat The Cold

It’s cold, really cold.   What family activities can happen when snow is piled up and ice covers all the roads?

You can’t even remember a time where you couldn’t see your breath.

For some reason, winter is a favorite season for many people.

I personally don’t get it, but to each their own.


Though I give winter a hard time, the nature of winter (see what I did there) provides and enhances many opportunities for fun family activities.

You just need to know where to look. I even broke it down, outdoor vs indoor for your preference and convenience.



Outdoor Family Activities


Snow Sports

An obvious one, but for anyone who likes snowboarding or downhill or cross-country skiing winter is a great time.

While the rest of us are wrapped in five layers of clothing awaiting winter’s demise, the snow sport lovers are out enjoying life.

Seriously these are all great family activities to get into, especially if you live in a really cold climate.

Attending school in Southeastern Idaho taught me that many people put on skis just after they learn to walk.

As they say, when in Rome…or Idaho as the case may be.

winter activities for families

Snow Activities

Sledding, ice skating, and snow angels are all fun things to do in the snow.

These are also great family activities as there is no age limit.

Older people will remember all the fun they had going sledding as a kid, and going will bring back great memories.

The best is you get to make more with those around you. There is no more classic thing for family activities in winter then to go sledding.



Who doesn’t like a little competition?

Seeing who can build the best or tallest snowman, the strongest snow fort, or even just a good old fashioned snowball fight is sure to bring a ton of smiles and fun.

These family activities never lose their appeal, no matter how old or young you are.



Indoor Family Activities

If you are going to spend a lot of times indoors, check out these energy saving tips to make sure you are saving energy and money this winter.


Movie Nights

Okay, this isn’t solely a winter activity but is there a better season for movie nights?

That question is not rhetorical and the correct answer is no.

Cold winter nights are perfect for wrapping up in blankets, grabbing a mug of hot chocolate, and putting on a movie.

As far as family activities go eithier the whole clan can gather, or this can just be a very simple date night for the parents.

indoor winter activities for families

Board Games

I have the fondest memory of playing Risk every winter with my family until someone inevitably flipped the board.

I promise that not all games end that way, and playing a game while snow is falling outside is an extremely cozy serene way to spend a snow day.

Boardgames can provide endless hours of family activities and keep all ages engaged.


Hide and Seek

As a kid, nothing was more fun to me than indoor hide and seek.

Even though I grew up in a small home, we always managed to find new hiding places.

The hardcores, AKA my in-laws, liked to do it at night with the lights off.

If your family activities reach to extreme indoor children’s games, this may be a fun one.

Granted this is not a great pre-bedtime activity, but luckily it gets dark early during the cold months.



I give winter a hard time as an adult, mostly because I don’t like scraping ice off my windshield.

Winter is a magical time and I have great memories of many fun family activities in winter.

Every kid who has ever seen snow has wonderful memories of days filled with fun outdoor activities and cozy, warm evenings.

So go out or stay in, but either way enjoy the spoils of winter because spring will be here before you know it.

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