Family photoshoot is our way of freezing time, even if only for a moment. A family picture can capture a mood, a memory, or a tiny glimpse into someone’s world. The problem can be when one of the tiny ones is in a mood and doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Family photoshoot poses are challenging when everyone shows up on their best behavior. However, it can be tricky and frustrating to keep young children interested in the process and smiling. 

Here are some hints on how to pull off successful and cute family pictures. 

Pick an Experienced Photographer For The Family Photoshoot

Not all photographers have experience working with children. When you choose a family photographer, make sure to ask how often they have worked with children. 

They need patience and insight into how to talk to children, make them feel comfortable, and know how to turn any situation into a great photo opportunity. 

Work Around Their Schedules

You might think you want a sunrise or sunset shot. Or maybe someone has to work late or run a last-minute errand. When you are working with children, however, the best photoshoot sessions are on their timetables. 

Make sure they are well-rested and not hungry. You know your child and what time of day they are happiest and most cooperative. That is the time you schedule around. 

Speak Their Language

Young children aren’t interested in memories or nostalgia. They want to play and explore. So let them. 

Chase them. Blow bubbles. Play hide and seek. Spin them around. Interact with them on their level. Let them forget about the photographer or try not to turn it into a power struggle. 

Also, prepare them for the session. Give them a day or two notice. Talk about expectations on their age level. Bring snacks and allow for small breaks during the process. 

tips to taking family photos with kids

Go With the Flow

Don’t be so rigid in what you believe to be the perfect family pose. Forget any and all other pictures you have seen from others and release the pressure to find the perfect shot. 

The best family pictures are always the candid ones. The ones no one expected or planned. The ones where everyone was just being themselves and the camera caught it all perfectly. 

Family Picture Outfits

While you want to go with the flow and reduce pressure, you do want to set the stage for some great pictures. This often starts with the right outfit. 

family photos with kids

Ideally, pick the location first. You don’t want a beach background with everyone dressed for a night on the town. Then choose your outfit where you will feel comfortable and pretty.  

From there, color coordinate the rest. Don’t go overboard on the patterns and don’t try to make cookie-cutter replicas of everyone. The look should be subtle yet cohesive. 

Family Pictures With Dogs

So you want to get really brave and take a family photoshoot with your young children and your dog? The good news is, it can be done easier than you imagine. 

Adding your dog into family pictures is a great idea and can be addressed much the same way as the children. 

Make sure they are fed, happy, and have expended their energy. Treat them with kindness and reward them with treats. Frame the result. 

Family Picture Poses Are Meaningful

One day when you sit down and look back at your precious photos, the stress and frustration will all be worth it. Family picture poses with children aren’t always easy, but they are irreplaceable. 

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family photo shoot poses with kids

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