How is cancer treated in developed countries?

Cancer is a severe and potentially life-threatening disease, but it is often curable or controllable, especially when you undergo your treatment at a good hospital. In cancer clinics in Germany, the very latest cancer treatment methods are used abroad, which provide good results even for patients with aggressive and advanced tumors. As medicine advances, the fight against cancer becomes more effective and safer.


Principles of Cancer Treatment in Germany

The fight against cancer begins with diagnostics. It is important to accurately determine the stage of cancer, including detecting the exact boundaries and size of the tumor, metastases in regional lymph nodes, and foci of distant metastasis, if any. The interaction with adjacent major blood vessels or other anatomical structures is important for many tumors. After the diagnostics, patients receive a forecast, in which doctors explain what results can be expected.

The next step is treatment. Surgery is considered the preferred option for most cancers. If successful, the surgical intervention can cure the disease. After surgery, other therapies may be needed to reduce the risk of recurrence.

It happens that cancer may be detected too late, when the tumor has become very large or has spread multiple distant metastases. Treatment may then begin with radiotherapy and drug therapy. These and other treatments help keep the disease under control for a long time. Moreover, in some cases, the tumor may shrink so much that doctors can subsequently perform an operation to remove it.


What Innovations Are Used in German Medical Centers?

Medical tourism to developed countries is widespread due to the higher quality of treatment. Innovative techniques are used abroad that allow doctors to deal with cancer more effectively and safely, with less damage to the patient’s health, a shorter recovery time, and a better quality of life after defeating oncology.

Here are some examples of innovative treatments available abroad:

  • Minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery, most commonly performed for prostate cancer
  • End-stage colon cancer treatment with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)
  • Proton therapy for brain tumors and head and neck tumors
  • MRI-guided laser ablation for brain tumors
  • Radiotargeted therapy for metastatic prostate cancer treatment
  • CAR T-cell therapy for lymphomas and leukemias

Healthcare professionals in developed countries use innovative drug therapies, such as personalized targeted therapy based on genetic analysis, immune-based drugs, antibody-drug conjugates, and cancer vaccines.

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