As wonderful as the experience of being a parent is, it’s also incredibly challenging, with countless moments that push you to your limits. Parents often put their own health on the back burner, as the list of responsibilities doesn’t stop when you’re tired, sick, or in need of some “me time” to focus on your wellness. But what if there were a natural way to improve your well-being that wouldn’t interfere with your tasks but instead help you do them better? That’s where the sought-after CBD comes in, and it’s a game changer for busy parents. Let us answer your whys, whats, and hows in this post.

But First, The Basics…

First, let’s understand what exactly CBD is. Found in the famous cannabis plant, CBD stands for cannabidiol and is most abundant in hemp, a cannabis subspecies. Unlike the mind-bending THC, another equally in-demand compound from the same plant, CBD does not make you feel “high.” Quite the opposite, it promotes wellness by calming both the mind and body.

Sounds impressive, but how can a simple herbal compound do that?


You see, humans produce cannabinoids, too, such as anandamide and 2-AG, which are natural        neurotransmitters that interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). When CBD enters the body, it also interacts with cannabinoid receptors, such as CB1 and CB2, influencing the ECS’s natural functions, including easing pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Another great thing about CBD is that it is allowed or legal in many places, provided it contains meager amounts of THC—no more than 0.3% in the US and 0.2% or less (with other conditions) in the UK and most European Union countries. Plus, CBD products are very accessible. You can purchase them from your choice of brick-and-mortar store or order online. Regardless of where you buy, what’s most crucial is the quality, as this ensures you maximize the health benefits of CBD. One trusted source of stellar quality CBD products is Dutch Natural Healing, a producer of organic, Europe-made CBD offerings that have gone through third-party lab testing to guarantee they are of exceptional grade.

Common Health Challenges for Parents

Without any sugarcoating, a day in a parent’s life typically includes steering through a series of chaos while attending to many other responsibilities. Needless to say, parenthood is difficult and can unsurprisingly cause these common issues:

Stress and Anxiety

Juggling work, home, and kids, among others, can be overwhelming even to the best of us, leading to high stress and anxiety levels.

Lack of Sleep

Good, ample sleep is hard to come by once you become a parent, with research showing that sleep disruptions can last until the child is 6 years old. You can just imagine (or maybe you’re already living it) how tiring and draining that could be.

Physical Aches and Pains

Carrying children, doing housework, sitting for long hours, chasing after children, and slipping because of Lego bricks can cause discomfort. Unfortunately, many parents simply don’t have the luxury of time to rest and recover from these malaise.

Benefits of CBD for Parents

Now it’s time to find out how CBD can aid parents with the mentioned health concerns.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

CBD can calm the mind by interacting with receptors in the brain dealing with mood and stress. This activity allows many people to feel more relaxed and less anxious—just what parents need to make handling the ups and downs of parenting easier.                

Managing Pain and Inflammation

Physical pain and inflammation can impede even the simplest movement. Thankfully, CBD boasts potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain and swelling.


If you struggle with back pain from lifting children or sore muscles from household chores, you may find the relief you need from CBD.

Improving Sleep Quality

Lack of sleep is a major problem for anyone, as it impairs many crucial physical and mental processes, like making decisions and recovering. CBD’s ability to relax and reduce anxiety and pains, however, makes falling asleep and staying asleep more manageable. Plus, some studies suggest that the cannabinoid can help regulate sleep patterns. All these can result in better overall sleep quality.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

One of the reasons why CBD is so popular is its availability in various forms. You simply have to choose the type that is most suitable to your preferences, as well as determine the correct dosage that will bring the relief you need.                

Different Forms of CBD

You can achieve the many benefits of CBD through CBD oil, capsules, edibles (food and beverages), and topicals.


Oils can be taken sublingually (placed under the tongue) for quick absorption, while capsules and edibles are discreet to take and offer longer-lasting (but not fast-acting) effects. On the other hand, topicals are applied directly to our precious skin to target specific areas of pain and skin irritation.

Determining the Proper Dosage

Finding the suitable dosage can take some trial and error. We recommend starting your CBD experience with a modest dose. If the dosage requires increasing, say the effects are not strong enough, do so gradually until you find the amount that works best for you. This will help minimize or prevent side effects like dry mouth, diarrhea, or appetite changes.

You’ll typically find the dosing guidelines on the product packaging. Still, it’s critical to talk with a healthcare professional, especially if you’re taking any medications, and listen to how your body reacts.

CBD for Balanced Parenthood and Health

Balancing parenthood and health while dealing with many other things that need our attention is a tough, tough job. But, lucky you, because CBD can offer some helpful support. It can reduce stress and anxiety levels, relieve pain, and improve sleep quality so parents can feel better and be more capable of handling daily responsibilities.

Just keep in mind that besides choosing the right type of CBD product, you must start with a relatively conservative dose and consult with a doctor. The right approach will ensure that CBD becomes a valuable tool in maintaining or improving your health and well-being, all the while navigating the challenges of parenthood.

If you’re taking a much-needed step towards better health today, exploring CBD can certainly help!