As an observation, most pet parents don’t dress up their dogs unless under special circumstances. Of course, our precious fur children need protection from the cold too. Especially, if they are breeds not meant to withstand harsh drifts and chill needs suitable dog outfit or dog accessories.

However, how many pet owners clothe their pooches during warmer months of the year?

You may think that dogs don’t require clothes in the summer, but, many pets would benefit from them.

Moreover, apart from protection from the sun, dog clothes could also help your dog stay clean while playing at the park or taking a hike.

Why Does Your Fur Child Need A Proper Dog Outfit?

Dog clothes look adorable but can protect your pet from allergies.

If they have a skin condition that makes them sensitive to dust, dirt, or other elements outside, putting on protective clothing can help.

Moreover, dog outfits can be exciting for the pet parents while their dogs look uber fashionable.  

Today, several notable brands sell the most unique and sustainable pet clothing.

There are also lots of accessories to help your fur kids feel comfortable while looking fabulous.

List Of Dog Outfit And Accessories For Your Pet

Let’s look at a few items to introduce you to doggie clothing and how you can combine these to make the perfect dog outfit!

1. Dresses

dog wearing stripe dress and red bandana

Dog dresses are suitable for long and warm days, letting the puppies look pretty while keeping things classy.

Moreover, a doggy dress would make the perfect outfit for a summer outdoor shoot.

Also, you can tap into the feminine side of your beloved pet with dresses for dogs and tutus to add layers.

If you visit the pet fashion section, you will be amazed to find the variety of dresses available in several colors and themes; from punk rocker pup to a graceful ballerina, the options are limitless!

2. Sunglasses

brown dog wearing orange sunglasses and bandana

Generally, dogs do not need sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays like us humans.

However, that doesn’t stop many pet owners from going all out on their dog’s glam makeover.

Using sunglasses for dogs can be a handy accessory that can give them the chic pup or cool dude look.

However, sunglasses can help them significantly improve their range of sight especially if you’re traveling in a windy area or places with snow and water.

Many snowboarders match their dog’s outfit by adding a pair of reflective glares that makes them avoid the cold wind and also splashes of snow or dirt in the eyes.

3. Dog Bandanas

black dog wearing blue bandana standing on grasses

If you’ve never tried to glam up your pet, starting with a bandana is your best bet.

Even though it is a simple accessory, the effect it adds to your pet’s overall personality is unmatchable.

With an effortlessly cool vibe, bandanas come in various prints, fabrics, and shapes.

Further, you can gift your pup’s best friend customized bandanas for their next birthday as it makes an excellent gifting idea.

4. Booties

brown dog walking in his black boots

Apart from being practical accessories, booties for dogs can also be very stylish!

Walking on asphalt during summers can burn the paw pads of your pet.

In winters, the paw pads can crack and bleed if your dog walks on cold surfaces constantly.

If you have noticed that your best bud is susceptible to fungal infection between the toes, cracking, or chapping on the paw pads, get them a pair of woolen booties or waterproof booties.

In addition, it will do wonders while making them look like fashionistas.

For paw extra protection, you could use All Season Pet Paw Protection Against Heat, Hot Pavement, Sand, Dirt, Snow – Great for Dogs on Trails and Walks!

5. Doggie Bikinis

 brown dog under the sun in blue bikini

Summers are fun for kids and everyone, including dogs.

We all know how much dogs love the beach and splashing in the water; most of us may have doggie pools in the backyard to help them stay cool on hot days.

Make beach trips and pool days fun for your dogs by dressing them up in a pair of funky doggy bikinis.

In addition, available in all sizes, patterns, and prints, you will light up the room and invite many coos of adoration from onlookers.

6. Tank Tops Dog Accesories

brown fur dog wearing striped tank tops dog outfit

Tank tops are essential for us humans when the mercury soars, but our pets could match us too!

Invest in sustainable and 100% breathable tank tops for your dog outfit.

With cute graphics for quotes make your dog look like the coolest canine in town during your daily walks.

Further, apart from being protected from dust and dirt, you will also reduce the chances of them catching fleas or ticks.

In addition, this will serve as a barrier between the fur and the external environment.

6. Funky Shirts

dog funky shirt outfit

Your dog outfit is incomplete without a few awesome shirts in the collection.

With different themes and events in mind, you can have a bunch of different colors and prints.

Floral or Hawaiian prints do very well for summers, giving us pure vacation vibes.

However, if you’re trying to dress your fur baby up for a fancy occasion, you can also find fancy formal shirts for a date night with the family.

When the entire family dresses up, why should your pet be left out of the fun?

Match their outfit by getting coordinated sets of a shirt and bowtie for a look so dashing that nobody could resist giving them all the belly rubs!

6. Bow Ties Dog Accessories

white bow tie

Speaking of formal events, how can one be complete without a bowtie?

This fashion accessory goes extremely well with all breeds of dogs, turning them into distinguished gentlemen everyone wants to pet.

If your cute pitbull attracts too many apprehensive looks, try dazzling people with a cute bowtie on their collar and watch them smile!

Bowties come in loops and clips so that they are easy to attach to the collar.

In addition, you can also find an entire band that can slip around the neck like a collar.

7. Hair Clips Dog Accessories

pet in her red hair clip accessories
Since our four-legged good boys have bow ties, how could we leave our pretty girls behind?

Hair clips for dogs can make them look incredibly pretty and sassy at the same time.

If your dog is a long-hair breed, you can add loose braids to complete the look.

If your pet is a short-hair pooch, simply add the clips to their outfits or collars for additional bling.


Dog fashion is an industry that is thriving, thanks to doting pet parents.

From the list of mentioned dog outfits and accessories, you will be able to tell how many options there are to play with.

We hope you have fun while planning cute summer doggy outfits and have the best photoshoots as memories!


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