With video games and online streaming  the norm our best family sports during Covid-19 will get you moving.  When it comes to entertainment, spending quality time outdoors with the family has become more critical than ever.

However, you want to get it right to ensure your young ones grow up with the correct health values.  Being active daily is the key to healthy and happy living.

At the same time, it is essential to ensure that this does not become a mundane and dull routine.  Family sports during Covid-19 need to be exciting and engaging for the whole family.  Mix things up to delight members of various age groups.

Family Sports During Covid-19 Should Be Fun

We all know that sport is good for both physical and mental health.  However, with some effort and planning you can have a fun and memorable time with the whole family.  Family sports during Covid-19 creates stronger bonds and benefits all.  It encourages everyone to connect and spend time together as a family.

Individual benefits include improved physical fitness and mental alertness.  These attributes are vital for all ages.  The principles of teamwork learned while playing are useful in any life situation. Working together with others to achieve your goals is an essential skill for success. More importantly, it is a stress buster like no other.

As a family, these sports foster a feeling of togetherness and bonding as we play together.  It creates a perfect opportunity to spend quality family time, which is hard to find in our busy schedules.  And that’s not all, it nurtures a healthy and friendly competition to push individual members to strive for excellence in sports and life overall.

Here’s our list of the best family sports during Covid-19 that you can all play.  


Yes, it is a sport, and one the whole family can take part in!  It has long term benefits not only for the body but for the mind as well.  In this digital age it is easy to join an online yoga class. 

While possibly not the same as being in an actual class, it will definitely be good enough.  Stream the online videos directly into your living room and let the learning start.

The best thing is, Yoga is brilliant for everyone in the family irrespective of age or ability.  This top family sport during Covid-19 will have you moving like you’ve never moved before.

Sports that Can be picked up as a family



You read that right!  Bring golf of a different kind right to your backyard with a fun family sport during Covid-19.  There are many choices that can take golfing to another level with favourites that offer an entirely different form of play.

You will find several variations of the backyard golf game to choose from.  Whichever you pick, the most common ingredient everywhere is the element of fun.

No longer do you need to head to the course to play golf, your backyard is enough.  There are variations to suit all ages and test golfers of any skill level. 

Take your backyard game to a professional level with proper Golf apparel.  Let the whole family “dress up” and head out to the backyard for some fun competition.  Modern golf apparel is comfortable, colorful and easy wearing.  Countryside club dress codes include collared shirts and ties perfect to wear on any occasion. New golf wear allows for freedom of movement and absorbs sweat easily.

Sports that Can be picked up as a family


These are best undertaken when you have a little extra time. Set aside at least 30 minutes.  Not only will you enjoy the company of your family but there is ample time for those precious chit-chats.

Walking outdoors as a family sport during Covid-19 helps release tension and strengthens bonds within the family.  Consider it a wonderful gift to spend some wonderful time together with kids. 


Table Tennis

Here is an indoor sport that actually falls into the “true” sports category.  Did you know that you can play without a proper table tennis table?

It is easy to turn your dining table or a fold-out table into a table tennis table.  All you need is a roll-net that attaches to any size table. 

If that doesn’t suit, mark some squares on the wall and practice hitting that way – you’ve seen Forrest Gump haven’t you???  A perfect family sport during Covid-19 as you don’t have to leave the house or garage.

As per the space available, you can bring any variation that you like in the game.  It is a perfect game for fitness, flexibility, and strength. 

Sports that Can be picked up as a family

To Summarise

This year’s pandemic has made being active challenging.  With little or no regular sport being played due to social distancing keeping young ones off devices is important.  

We hope we have given you some ideas around family sports during Covid-19 that all ages can join.  Read more parenting tips and advice here.