Many people find that co-sleeping with a baby is a controversial topic in the parenting world.  Some people say it’s the best thing you can do for your baby, while others warn against it.

Some say as a baby gets older there is less risk, while others believe the potential for harm is always there.

If you’re curious about co-sleeping with a baby but aren’t sure if it’s safe or how to do it, read our six benefits of co-sleeping with your baby.

Co-sleeping with a baby for better sleep

Co-sleeping with a baby can improve their sleep, meaning baby will be better rested and happier.

Studies have shown that co-sleeping can help babies sleep longer and more soundly.  This allows them to get the rest they need for healthy development.

Co-sleeping also gives you a chance to bond with your baby during its most important stage of growth.

They learn to soothe themselves by being close to you all night long.  Even when they’re upset, having you close makes it easier for them to fall back asleep on their own.

Shorter Feeding Times

Co-sleeping can help shorten feeding times because the act of feeding is a very intimate experience.  It is easier for both mother and child to feel safe and secure when they are sleeping together.

This helps reduce stress levels for both parties, which in turn makes it easier for the baby to feed. The benefits of co-sleeping don’t stop there, though.

Studies have shown that breastfeeding mothers who sleep with their babies are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression and other forms of mood disorders.

This is because a mother’s body releases oxytocin during the act of nursing, which helps baby feel loved and cared for.

Convenience And Safety Of Co-Sleeping With A Baby

Co-sleeping with a baby is a convenient and safe way for your child to sleep.  It can be done by placing the baby in a crib or bassinet beside the bed or by sharing the same bed.

As the baby grows older, you can buy accessories such as toddler pillows to make sleeping much more comfortable.

The convenience of co-sleeping is that it allows for an easy transition from sleep to awake time and easy access for breastfeeding.  Sleeping in close proximity also helps your baby regulate their body temperature, which can help them sleep better and longer.

Co-sleeping is safe because it promotes bonding between mother and child.  This bond is essential for proper development and helping your child feel secure when they’re older.  In fact, a childs security will help them feel gain confidence in themselves.

convenience of co-sleeping with a baby

Baby Feels More Secure

Babies feel secure when they are close to their parents, and the reasons are pretty straightforward. Babies can hear your heartbeat and smell your scent, which is reassuring for them. 

Also, babies can feel the warmth of your body and be able to see and even touch you. There are various ways to help your baby feel more secure while co-sleeping, such as ensuring that you have the right bedding and mattress.

But if you are unsure which mattress to choose, consider purchasing one from the available mattresses for sale Sydney. This will give you a better idea of the quality at a lower cost, allowing you to decide if it is safe for co-sleeping with your little one.

Infants Bond More With Their Parents

While co-sleeping with baby isn’t for everyone, and some risks are associated, the benefits of it far outweigh the risks. Co-sleeping is a crucial part of helping your infant bond with you, and it will help them feel secure and safe when they’re sleeping in your bed.

Bonding is essential to their first year and helps them grow into confident children who feel loved.

Co-Sleeping With Baby Will Let You Feel More Secure

Many parents feel more secure when they can co-sleep with their children.

Since co-sleeping is when a child sleeps in the same bed as their parent or guardian, this can help parents feel more secure because the child is close by and easier to hear if he or she wakes up.

Co-sleeping can also help parents feel less stressed about their ability to get enough sleep. When people are stressed out, they often have trouble falling asleep.

co-sleeping for security

When a parent is sleeping next to their child, it can be easier for them to relax and fall asleep.


As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child. You want to know the best way to help your child to sleep safely and securely, and co-sleeping with a baby could be the answer. If you choose to try this method for yourself, remember to do so safely by following all necessary precautions and keeping an eye on you and your child throughout the process.

 If you have any questions, get in touch with your pediatrician, who can help you decide the best way to make a sleeping routine for your child and whether co-sleeping is for you.

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