Encourage Your Child To Earn Better Grades

As a parent you want to encourage your child to earn better grades at school.

You know that sending your kids to school is an amazing learning journey.

For you it’s free (and quiet) time and you don’t have to spend all day Googling “Ways to entertain my kids.”

Plus, going to school can be fun for kids. It’s where they’ll make most of their friends, learn new things, and grow.

It’s an exciting time, but having kids in school also raises an added pressure of helping your child succeed academically.

Your want to encourage your child so if they bring home a report card with poor grades, it can feel personal—but it’s not.

Here are five ways to help encourage your child to receive better grades.


Be Helpful And Encourage Your Child

When working on homework, it’s natural for kids to get frustrated when they reach a problem they don’t understand.

So, having a loving, helpful parent nearby to come to their aid can help your child feel calm.

The key to being able to encourage your child is to guide them through a problem then let them work out the next one on their own.  If you want them to earn better grades leave them to the rest of the assignment and help only when asked.

If your child is struggling with a subject you are well versed in, resist the urge to grab the pencil and fill in the answers.

Never do your child’s homework for them.

They lose the opportunity to learn andmay increase their anxiety if they know they are failing in some way they can’t yet understand.

So, give them some space and let them work to complete problems on their own before stepping in to help.


Resist Punishment To Earn Better Grades


Punishment is no way to encourage your child to earn better grades.

If your child brings home a bad report card, your first instinct may be to take away freedoms.  Television time, free time or time spent with friends.

This is not a positive reaction and may worsen grades and behavior.

Instead, try implementing the “When you,” rule. For example, “When you are finished studying, then you can go to a friend’s house.”

Stick to this rule and ask to see their homework when they say they are done. This way you know it is finished and you can review it before they turn it in.

encourage child to get better grades

Encourage Your Child To Change Study Habits

Instead of punishing your child, make some positive changes.

Is the area they work in too cluttered and loud?

Do they need a snack before they work on homework?

Are they remembering all their assignments and bringing them to school?

Encourage your child’s study by finding  the best time.

This may be right after a snack and thirty minutes of playtime; after all, they deserve a break after being at school all day.

You might also consider using a large whiteboard or wall calendar to help schedule their assignments so they can visualize the due-dates and stay organized.

A filing cabinet may be beneficial for keeping important papers and help them earn better grades.

Changing your child’s study habits may help them do better on small assignments and raise their grades.

how to encourage child to get better grades

Encourage Your Child To Set Goals

If your child comes home with a D in math, show them some empathy.

To earn better grades offer to help them with their homework and challenge them to get a C on the next report card.

Setting goals should be realistic. Don’t expect your child to jump from a D to an A.

Take baby steps and praise every success on their journey.


Reward Them When They Earn Better Grades

Motivating children to do well in school is a tough battle and sometimes a reward will help.

If they have been working hard to earn better grades then something special may be warranted.

Be careful not to over-reward your children.

This teaches them that there will always be a physical reward for hard work, which isn’t always the case.



encourage children to get better grades

My parents didn’t reward me for each report card, but they did reward me when I graduated with a high GPA.

Find a reward system that works for you and implement it.

Something that you might consider doing is visiting Infinity Coins. Infinity coins reward good grades with store credit and a foreign coin for each A your child receives on their report card.

This option is encouraging for students and it doesn’t come from you!


If your child comes home with a bad report card, don’t feel discouraged.

There are many ways to encourage your child to earn better grades.

It doesn’t mean that your child is a bad person or that you are a bad parent, it just means they are having a hard time.

Try to understand their situation and encourage them to make them know that your were once there yourself.

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