How To Better Your Chances Of Winning Child Custody

Separation is a difficult time for a family especially when parents are looking at winning child custody.

Once a couple files for divorce, decisions must be made that will impact the children and their living arrangements.

Below is a closer look at various aspects a parent must consider when trying to win custody of their child/ren.


The Courts Role In Winning Child Custody

The court system has the child’s best interest in mind when spouses are in a custody battle.

To learn more, check out to see a list of things the court keeps in mind when awarding child custody.

The court will look at a few things to make sure the parent can provide a stable environment before it determines custody of the child.

For example, providing proper childcare and the ability to hold down a job are two key factors when awarding custody to one parent over the other.

The Child’s Wishes

If the child is of an appropriate age, the court may ask them which parent they prefer to live with permanently.

In such situations, the parent must meet the court’s requirements regarding finances and providing a stable home for the child.

If the parent is serious about winning child custody they must get along with their spouse and make visitations a priority so that the child (or children) can see their other parent regularly.

Winning Child Custody If Relocating

A parent that decides to move to another state may struggle to win custody of their children.

The court recognizes the decision to move children away from the only home and school they know is a big one.

Usually, custody will be awarded to the parent that remains in the town and near the school, their kids are familiar with.

We suggest that if you want to increase your chances of winning child custody look to stay fairly close to where your children have been raised.

Crime and Alcohol Abuse

A parent who has a criminal record or is convicted of a crime is not likely to get custody of their children.  This is especially true if the other parent has no criminal record.

This applies to alcohol and drug addictions as well.  Be aware, that any conviction can go against your odds of winning child custody if that is the case.

Hire an Attorney To Increase Chances Of Winning Child Custody

Hiring an attorney will maximize your efforts of keeping custody of your child.  An attorney is experienced and educated on the laws pertaining to your state and child custody cases.

The attorney will be able to file the appropriate paperwork and advise you on the different elements of your case.

They will guide you through the process and will fight for your right to stay with your kids. You can click here to learn more about how a qualified attorney can help your case.

Have a Plan

The court system likes to see parents take the initiative regarding kids their and well-being.

To maximize your chances of having your child in your custody make a list of your strong qualities as well as areas you would like to improve.

Show the judge that you are very serious and are invested in being a great parent to your children.

Allow Visitation And Better Your Chances Of Winning Child Custody

It is important to understand that both parents will still be in the child’s life long after the custody proceedings are finished.

To better your chances of winning custody of your child, come to an understanding for the sake of the family.

Fighting visitation is not advised because the court is happier with a whole family unit. Depriving a child of a parent is not the right thing to do.


A divorce is a very emotional time for all the family so to ensure your best shot at winning child custody you may wish to follow our advice.

These tips may help you in your journey.

We know that making decisions can be very difficult, especially when they impact the whole family.

Because of this, hiring an attorney to help navigate the process is our best advice.