Flying with small children can be challenging, but with the proper preparation, it can also be a fun and memorable experience. Whether you’re flying for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, it’s essential to have a plan in place to make the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your children.

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1. Choose The Right Airline

When flying with small children, choosing an airline that offers a family-friendly experience is essential.

Look for airlines that offer flight entertainment for kids, free baggage for families with young children, and even free meals.

Some airlines also offer extra legroom for families, which can make the flight more comfortable for you and your children. 

Choosing The Right Airline

However, if you want a more intimate and unhurried trip, you might want to look into getting a private jet. Private aviation can be much better than commercial flying for small children. Flying privately also allows for more family-bonding time, which can be hard to achieve on commercial flights.

2. Pack Essential Items

Make sure to pack essential items such as snacks, toys, and books to keep your children entertained during the flight. Bring your child’s favorite blanket or toy to make them more at ease on the flight. Make sure to pack your headphones, earplugs, and any medications you may need.

3. Arrive Early When Flying With Small Children

Arriving early is especially important when traveling with small children. It gives you time to navigate the airport and find your gate and also gives you time to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise.

4. Have A Travel Routine

It will be easier for you and your kids if you stick to a routine. Consider bringing along familiar toys and books, and consider doing things such as singing songs, reading stories, or playing games to keep your children entertained. Maintaining some sort of routine and doing simple, yet fun, activities will allow your children to feel more at ease.

5. Be Prepared For Emergencies

It’s best to always be ready in case of an emergency. If your baby has an accident, be prepared with extra diapers, wipes, formula, and a change of clothes. Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, including items such as band-aids, pain relievers, and tissues.

Benefits Of Flying With Small Children

Quality Time Together – It’s a wonderful chance to connect and spend quality time with your kids when you travel with them. You may make memories that will last a lifetime, whether you’re traveling to new destinations or just taking in the scenery.

Convenience – Especially when traveling with a toddler, flying is frequently the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation. It can save you time and energy compared to driving and is also a great way to cover longer distances.

Benefits Of Flying With Small Children

Education – Traveling with your children can be an educational experience, and they can learn about different cultures, history, and geography and develop a love for exploring new places. Don’t miss opportunities to teach your children new things while traveling. Doing so will expand their view and perspective of all the world has to offer.

Familiarity with flying – When traveling with little children, flying is frequently the quickest and most convenient option. This can make future flights easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Your children will also be accustomed to flying, which can be a benefit to them as they get older.

Things To Consider While Traveling With Small Children


Make sure to bring along necessary safety items such as car seats and harnesses to ensure your child’s safety during the flight.

Also, don’t forget any medicines or health devices your child requires.

Consult the airline ahead of time if extra special accommodations are required for your child’s comfort and safety.

Things To Consider While Traveling With Small Children


Make sure to pack items that will help to keep your child comfortable during the flight. This could include things like snacks, toys, and books. Also, bring along entertainment options such as movies, games, or tablets with pre-loaded games and educational apps to keep your child occupied during the flight.

Preparation For Delays

Delays are common when traveling. However, delays that occur when flying with children can be draining, as children tend to quickly get bored and uncooperative. To combat this, bring extra snacks, toys, and books to help keep your child occupied during any delays as a precaution against the unanticipated.

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Flying with small children can be challenging, but with the proper preparation, it can be a fun and memorable experience. Consider choosing an airline that offers a family-friendly experience, packing essential items, arriving early, having a routine, and being prepared for emergencies. 

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and stress-free flight with your small children.