Top 6 Reasons Why Traveling With Kids is Education

1. Traveling With Kids As a Way of Living Gives Them the Opportunity To Become Multilingual

After more than six months into a place, you will start to understand that language and you will not forget it.

As a result, kids develop naturally the ability to understand and speak different languages.

It is cool to understand words in Quechua,  to be able to say Hello and Goodbye in Greek, to speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Romanian at the age of 9!

This is also possible to be educated in the traditional schools through traditional-linear input knowledge, but it will force the kid, don’t you think?

traveling with kids

Imagine, after at least 4 hours in school, your kid has to join English classes, Spanish classes, Portuguese classes, ballet, hip-hop, horse-riding, football, or karate!!!

Let’s go further with imagination, and hope that your family has one kid, but with 2, 3, or more, life becomes unbearable and you realize that your kids don’t have time to just…. play!!!

2. Offers an Immersion Into Other Cultures and  Into the History of the Place

When exposing our children to different ethnic groups around the world and opens up their perspectives about life.

As a result, they start to appreciate the cultural diversity, customs, language, religion, and local cuisine of every country.

Also, learn how to comfortably interact with other people and to develop their curiosity and ability to question things.

traveling with kids offers an education

If you want to understand what another culture is, you have to experience it first-hand with an open heart and nonjudgemental perspective!

Most often, what we learn about history through textbooks deviated from reality…..that’s why you have to explore the cities and visit museums, archaeological sites, and galleries.

This way the entire nation’s history comes out right in front of you!

3. Traveling With Kids Will Challenge You To Be Present All the Time

Education isn’t just about knowledge and facts. However, being in a new place with different surroundings and out of your daily routine takes you out of your comfort zone!

This forces you to adapt to different situations! You can get lost, or have difficulty in communicate with other people, you can miss flights or you have to cook with minimum cooking utensils!!

In addition, no professor, no textbook, no exam, and no school can educate you on personal details about yourself.

Actually, just one single school could do this: School of Life and this happens just on the road!!!

4. Traveling With Kids Strengthen Our Family Bonding

traveling with kids creates strong family bond

Family trips, anywhere in the world, will show you the meaning of love. Moreover, spending time with parents and siblings overpowers anything else and creates strong emotional bonds.

“Family” becomes a state of mind!

5. Traveling With Kids Expand The Way You Perceive Life

6. Them Curious About Their Own Culture

giving a child an education through travel

All these questions require very informed answers! We searched the internet and what we remembered from school (almost nothing). Learned with the kids about beautiful places and customs in Romania.

We became so appreciative, respectful and in love with our country that we promise ourselves, one day, we’ll visit all these incredible places!


Education is not equal to school. However, every day, every place, and every experience gives us a lesson.

We learn math by counting how much we have to save for an incredible hand made, unique piece of art in a Store in Cusco, or by making conversion currency in Sweden, or simply playing with legos, or making business plans with and for Aris’s first eco eggs business in Peru!

Further, education is not about knowledge. But, education is the individual way to discover life and the art of living! Therefore, traveling with kids makes life even more meaningful. Keep travel vacation amazing with these ideas.

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