We live in quite a fast-paced world and it is often difficult to factor in quality family time.  Managing everything our family is doing means we feel rushed and that we lack time.  However, what matters is that life passes by quickly and we should use every moment of it in a smart way.

The aspect of our lives that suffers the most due to lack of time is our family life.  We must try to dedicate time to family activities while our children are still at home.  This is vital for their proper development and growth.  Through quality family time, children mature and learn to be independent, self-sufficient and self-confident

To spend more quality time with your children, we have some terrific ideas.  These include everyday activities such as having meals together, family nights and being physically active together.  Also other activities such as traveling together, doing some fun weekend activities and watching movies together.

Additionally, spend quality family time by talking regularly and engaging in morning and/or evening routines.

1. Have Meals Together As A Family Whenever Possible

eat together for quality family time

It is fairly impossible to eat all the meals in a day together as a family.  However, it is relatively simple to have breakfast or dinner together.

Sharing a meal makes a special bonding time.  These meals are not only about eating food, they involve talking and sharing.

This is an ideal time to talk to your kids about their plans and obligations for the day, or about how their day went.


Discuss some potential problems or obstacles they’ve encountered, and come up with solutions.

Extend this quality family time even more and turn it into a real family bonding activity.  Have the whole family involved in preparing the meal and setting and clearing the table.  This will teach your kids about the importance of healthy food as well as how to prepare it.

Kids can participate and help out with some age-appropriate cooking-related tasks.  This is how kids develop healthy habits

2. Designate A Family Night

Besides meals, which are a daily necessity, we can and should designate time for a dedicated family night each week.

This means that you designate one night a week when you’ll all spend time together doing something as a family. Family night can be about any activity you enjoy doing and allows for quality family time.

For this to become a family tradition you should start when your kids are young, so it becomes natural to them. Make sure to ask for suggestions so that everyone gets a say.  Create a family night box where everyone can put their suggestions.

Try to be fair and respect everyone’s wishes.

3. Engage In Physical Activities Together For Quality Family Time

We are all aware of the importance of being physically active.

However, we are also mostly sedentary , which means we are not as active as we should be.  This is especially true for children who spend a lot of time on screens.

So, a great quality family time activity would be something active whenever you have time.

These can even be some simple activities such as taking a walk.  For instance, instead of picking your child up from childcare by car, you could walk.  This would mean some good exercise for both you and your child.

Why not try different sports once or twice a week, together as a family.  For example, many families love going for a swim together or cycling.  Play backyard football or soccer, basketball is always fun or simply go for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Getting out and being active doesn’t have to cost money, you just need to dedicate some time!

quality family time through cycling

4. Travel Together

One of the greatest experiences you can have with your family is by travelling together.  You broaden your horizons, and your kids as well, and grow together as a family.  This is the perfect way to get to know other cultures, bond as a family and learn new things.

You benefit from all kinds of trips.  These can be one-day or weekend trips – they don’t always have to be long ones. 

Every now and then organize a get-away.  Make a rough plan for the following year.  Decide when you could go on a one-day trip, a weekend getaway and when on summer/winter holidays.  Make this another way to spend quality family time and have the whole family add their ideas.  

Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos while you are away!  When you get home, create a family photo album and DVD of your trip.  This is another terrific family activity!

5. Pick Some Fun Weekend Activities For Quality Family Time

quality family time playing games

Weekends are the only days of the week when families get to have the whole day together.

Even though some people work, kids don’t go to school at least.

However, without a proper plan, the weekend tends to fly by and there is no quality family time.

You won’t get much satisfaction from sitting around all day, scrolling social media, watching TV, or playing video games.

If you feel that you are in a weekend rut, it’s high time you did something about it.   Be proactive and come up with some fun activities to do that give quality family time, like dressing up in medieval costumes, having a family game night, or taking a family trip to a nearby national park! Aim to simply have fun, be active, learn something new, or even take some time to bond together. This could be a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones and make the most out of your weekends.

Aim to simply have fun, be active, learn something, or even take some time together.

6. Talk – A Lot

To raise your children in the best possible way, you need to be present.  Be involved in their lives and try to always know what is happening in their lives.  The best way to do this is by having open communicaiton with them regularly.

Make it a habit to have daily conversations about things that are happening for them.  Ask your children for their opinion about relevant issues and get to know them better.  You will learn more about any problems they are having, their aspirations, character, desires and more.

7. Movies Together Give Quality Family Time 

Make some great quality family time by watching a movie with the whole family.  Get the couch ready and have the kids make some yummy popcorn. 

List the classic movies everyone should see in their lifetime and watch each one on the list. Of course you will have to make sure they are age appropriate.  Start with some Disney classics with young children and move through Harry Potter and maybe even Lord Of The Rings. 

Make sure you include all genres – but maybe leave thrillers till kids are older.  (Or not at all, in this writers opinion!)

For more quality time as a family, talk about the movie afterwards.  Ask your children how they felt watching it and what, if anything, they learnt.  

watching movies for quality time as a family

Final Word

Life passes quickly with young children so it is important to build bonds and share quality family time.  Learn to use time better to ensure we make great memories while teaching our kids important lessons. This article lists some easy activities to get you started.

Spending quality family time together is crucial for the development and well-being of children.  It strengthens relationships, improves communication, and creates lasting memories.  Mealtime conversations, family game nights, physical activity, weekend adventures, and watching movies are all great ways to bond as a family.

What other activities do you enjoy doing with your loved ones?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!