Science Shows Parents of Successful Children Practice These 9 Steps

Happy and successful children are what every parent dreams of. In fact, some parenting ideas suggest  that to provide the ‘best today for a better tomorrow!’ we need to be following some simple practical parenting steps.

Our children are like plants waiting to bloom, and we, as parents, are their nurturers.

We always aim to help them unlock and attain their potential to lead successful lives. And to reach this goal, we must try out different methods.

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Some of us are successful at this, some not so much!

So what separates the parents of successful children from other parents?

What special parenting ideas do they use?

To find out let us first reflect on these two important questions:


How Do You Define Successful Children?

Is success measured by having a top job? Fat bank accounts, flashy cars and penthouses?


Sure, it all sounds amazing but our parenting tip says take a look at all the young celebrities around us.

Despite their achievements, we hear stories of them struggling with their fame, fortune, battling addictions, fighting depression and loneliness.

That’s certainly not what we want for our children!

Our definition of successful children should be about raising kids who grow up to be independent, confident, self-reliant individuals.  They need a strong sense of self-esteem, morals and character.

He or she should value and care for others while enjoying and finding success in their fields of interest and expertise.

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Nature vs Nurture Theory: Where Do You Stand?

Some children are inherently smarter than others. Does that mean only smart children can be successful?

Or do you believe that you can train your child to be better?

This is basically a rehash of the old “nature vs nurture debate!

Yes, naturally smarter children do have an edge in the race.  But that is not to say that others cannot catch up.

By nurturing and training our children we can set them on a path to success!

Now here’s the most important parenting ideas for this debate.

Parents of successful children understand the importance of investing in their child’s personality as a stepping stone towards their success.

They gravitate more towards the nurture theory. Because they do not allow their child’s inherent abilities or lack of them, to limit their potential to attain greatness.

Instead they help children overcome obstacles and continue on their path.

It is this attitude of theirs that separates them from other parents and encourages successful children!

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Parenting Ideas to Raise successful Children

Changing our attitudes to reflect these positive ones form the basis of all successful parenting ideas.


1.  Being good role models

Children learn from their parents! Who doesn’t know that!

But parents of successful children know how important that simple statement really is.  They set themselves as good examples for their children.

They model all the behaviors and skills they want to impart to their children.  Including being committed to their interests, developing strong and binding relationships or practicing good work-life behaviors.

These parents have a clear vision for their children.  Useful parenting ideas lie in making the use of every opportunity to teach and prepare them for their future.

2.  Authoritative parenting style

Every parent has a unique parenting style. Studies have identified permissive, hands-off, authoritative and authoritarian as the four main ones.


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An authoritative style of parenting was found most effective in raising children who are socially, emotionally and academically strong.

While we may shift in and out of these styles at various points, parents of successful children mostly fall in the authoritative category.

They are firm, kind, calm, friendly and fair in their interactions with their child.  Setting clear rules and expectations while also considering the child’s perspective.

These parents try to create environments that are both stimulating and pleasant for their children.


3.  Teaching coping skills

Successful children are taught to reign in their emotions, to think and act logically and rationally. They are taught to control their anger, resolve conflicts and delay gratification.

Some parenting ideas are to instill an attitude of gratitude as it teaches children empathy, kindness and caring towards others.

Parents of successful children understand using good coping strategies.  Teaching good coping skills is key to helping children balance success without taking it for granted.

4.  Using chores as a teaching tool

From a young age, children are taught to do chores at home as a way to teach them responsibilities.

As kids grow chores help them mature into self-reliant, independent and responsible adults.

Traits which assist them in attaining success in their lives.

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 5.  Setting high expectations

Whether grades or extracurricular activities, parents of successful children have high expectations.

And are constantly encouraging their children to excel.

It should be noted that when setting expectations, parents must set realistic and achievable, yet challenging goals.

This is done to ensure that children are reaching their potential without being pushed.

Another point to note is that challenges that are too high can be stressful and demotivating for the child.  Challenges set too low may not motivate or interest the child enough.

A successful parenting idea is to design tasks which balance the challenges to the capabilities of the child.

6.  Teaching grit

Successful children have oodles of grit – the ability to persevere.  With little encouragement they direct their efforts towards their long-term goals no matter how difficult the path.

Instead of allowing them to give up on tasks parents of successful children ensure that they persist.   Instill an “I can” attitude.

This “never give up” belief along with their passion and commitment, is what separates successful individuals from others.


7.  Praising efforts

good parenting ideas for successful children

Parents of successful children focus more on the efforts put in.

They understand that the outcome is a means by which the child can sharpen and fine tune his skills.

8.  Facilitate development of identity

Successful children were given the space to identify themselves as an individual.

They were encouraged to identify their own strengths, weakness, interests and ambition.

We were told that strong parents encourage their children to chart out their own direction.


9.  Allow failure

The most important parenting ideas to follow are those that will allow your child to fail.

Parents of successful children understand that failure is a part of success.

It helps the child to review and identify mistakes or areas that are lacking, modify perspectives, practice and improve skills.

This learning process helps the child gain competence and confidence in their skills.


We live in a very competitive world where we are all under pressure to excel.

And it is easy to lose sight of our focus in this rat race.

If we incorporate these parenting ideas we stand to raise strong and confident individuals bold enough to pursue their dreams.

That’s the successful children, we dream of!

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