Summer camp, just the thought of it either recalls the feeling of fun in the sun with other children your age or something you’d rather no longer have to think about.

As an adult, you know just how important summer activities can be to your kids. By choosing the right one, will make all of the difference in the world in how much they enjoy their summer. 

Follow along as we give you tips for choosing a summer camp for your child. Moreover, that stands out and creates a positive memory for years to come in their lives.

Choose a Summer Camp Based on Your Needs

Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes and with different programs based on the needs of the children who attend.

However, depending on your plan for the summer, find a camp that matches what your plan is for your kids. 

For example, some camps are several weeks long and with a stay for the kids on-site twenty-four hours a day. Also, others only take place during the day, and children go home at the end of each.

Decide what the best plan for your family is and choose a summer camp that meets those needs. Certainly, our decision will help you prepare your kids’ materials like camping sets.

For example, tents, sleeping bags, toilet bags, adventure kits, foldable chairs. In addition, some toys depending on their needs.

tips for choosing a summer camp

Check Summer Camp Reviews

While descriptions and videos showing kids having a great time are available online for most summer camps.

In addition, a better way to know if the camp is right for your child is to seek out reviews from friends or at least other customers. 

While no summer camp has perfect reviews, most will have enough knowledge and experience to let you move forward. Moreover, start with a company’s website and also take a look at Google reviews.


how to choose a summer camp for your kids

There was a time when summer camps were all about fishing, swimming, and outdoor summer activities for kids.

Meanwhile, these are still important activities for any summer camp, look for one that offers other choices for kids also. 

Find outdoor activities, put on plays, and teach fun learning activities with technology, likewise in dealing with life in general.

Doing the same thing day in and day out will become boring for most children. As a result, they will not enjoy it.

Meet the Staff

Taking time to meet the different summer camp staff will go a long way in feeling comfortable.

In the same vein, there is nothing better than meeting someone in person and getting a feel for them.

Therefore, if anyone within the staff you meet makes you feel uneasy, move on the next.

Research the History of the Camp

fun summer camps for kids

While there is no guarantee a summer camp that has been around for years is any better than a new one. However, it does say that the older one has been bringing kids back year after year.

If you feel comfortable with two camp programs, you are more likely to decide with an experienced counselor and staff.

We have more tips for summer activity ideas on this page.