As a parent, you are responsible for passing more than genes to your children. Your kids pick up your habits as well, no matter if good or bad. Show your kids good habits and they will follow them for the rest of their lives.

It is important to encrypt healthy eating habits in children so they take good care of their health once they grow up. Here are some pieces of advice around healthy eating for you to instill in your children.

Habit 1: Make diet colorful and Healthy

healthy eating habits for kids

Nature has given us so many vibrant colours in the form of food.

It is important to introduce all different colourful food groups to your kid’s diet. Not only will it get them eating a variety of fruits and vegetables but different colours contain different vitamins – so it makes it healthier to

Include vegetables of all colours such as leafy greens (spinach, cauliflower, lettuce), red vegetables (tomatoes, red capsicum), purple vegetables (eggplants, purple carrots) and even orange (carrots, pumpkin). 

Once your kid sees a colourful plate in front of them, they will not be able to resist the urge to eat and enjoy.

Make healthy eating habits for kids and an enjoyable eating experience. 

Habit 2: Don’t skip a healthy breakfast

Introducing a routine of meals at an early age will is a great healthy eating habit to teach. Not only will it give you a good routine (especially in the morning) but it helps with digestion and energy levels.

Teach them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast  kick starts their brain and energy and sets them up for a big day of school or activities. 

Harvard Medical School conducted a study that confirms that kids who go without breakfast have four times more chances of developing obesity and eating disorders.

Therefore, having a healthy and fulfilling breakfast reduces the chances of diabetes and heart diseases. 

Habit 3: Engage in physical activity

Kids these days are glued to their screens and are reluctant to go out and play. This is scary as kids need movement for their development and to keep healthy.

Finding a physical activity that they enjoy will make them more active and help them stay healthyEncourage your kid to keep trying different sports until they find their favorite one.

Expose them to a range of physical activities like archery, gymnastics, or archery.

They will stick to something they will enjoy.

develop healthy eating habits for kids

Habit 4: Include health supplements

When kids don’t engage much in physical activities and don’t eat much, they may develop nutritional deficiencies. As important as it is to eat healthily, supplements and multivitamins are sometimes are great option to make sure your child doesn’t develop any kind of deficiency. They can also benefit them in overall health and wellbeing.

Get your kid’s 90 day prescription of multivitamins and healthy supplements and introduce these in their diet. 

Habit 5: Enjoy a Family Dinners

Due to hectic schedules, families these days do not have much time to hang around each other. To create, healthy eating habits for kids, make a rule in your household that dinnertime is family time. 

Make them understand that families that eat together have a strong bond among them. Kids will also see you eating all different foods and may more willing to try new things if they see you as the parents eating them.

By having dinner with family, kids will develop more love and respect for their family members. They will start looking forward to dinnertime so they can sit with family and enjoy. 

eating as a family creates healthy eating habits for kids


To instill a healthy eating habits, parents should show to kids our healthy lifestyle. Moreover, to prevent childhood obesity, and illnesses, especially old-age sicknesses.

To sum up, a healthy family eats healthy food, does not skip breakfast, is active in physical activities, and enjoys family dinners.

To have a healthy family, it should start with parents. Be a role model to kids.

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