A dead banana is just a schmancy way of saying a banana that is over-ripe and that no one will eat.  Usually, these will end up in the garbage or in compost but we have found some great alternatives.

Mommy Shorts has a great article about just this topic written by a pseudo guest poster.  Read the article to find out more about that story but, Ilana shares how her kids never fully eat a banana.  However, they will also not share and eat 1/2 a banana each.

Consequently, there are numerous dead banana bits scattered through the fridge.  So what to do with them all to reduce waste and save money?

Since it’s summer we’ve been eating a ton of fruit.  Funnily enough, my family actually looks for over-ripe bananas at the markets.  We can often buy a whole bag for a buck or 2 and we peel and freeze them to use later.

A dead banana is partly or wholly brown.  They are soft and squishy and taste like goo if you try to eat them.  However, they are perfect to use for baking, milkshakes, and smoothies.

5 Things To Do With A Dead Banana

Banana Bread

with or without walnuts this is just delicious.  Try this easy recipe and keep the kids entertained by helping.

banana bread

Banana Pancakes

who doesn’t love hot pancakes?  These are just divine with warm and gooey chunks of banana in butter.

banana pancake

Delicious Smoothies

easy to make and healthy for the whole family.  You can use fresh fruit but we really love the taste of a dead banana as it adds sweetness.

a glass of smoothie and three whole ripe banana

Yummy Popsicles

Just blend yogurt and some over-ripe banana and pop it into icy-pop freezer molds.  Perfect for any time of year and great for after school.

five delicious banana popsicles on-top of ice tubes

Banana Muffins

You can use the same recipe as for the bread.  These are fantastic for lunchboxes or a snack at any time.

three baked muffins on-top of chopping board

Save money and feed your kids some healthy treats with these 5 tips for using a dead banana.  You will reduce gas emissions from landfills and have extra cash for some fun family activities.

If you find this article helpful, we have more tips for you on our health and nutrition page.