Are you looking for a great experience in Yorkshire for a whopping seven days? Then you have come to the right place.

Many people spend their days working extra hard to make a living. While that extra work can help you make the big bucks, it comes at the expense of some quality time spent with your family. That is why taking some time off and spending it with your family can be the best decision you will ever make.

Sure, you can opt to spend the whole time off binge-watching movies and catching up with the shows you missed during your long working days. But that can get old pretty fast. You need to spend some time outdoors if you want to make the most of your time off.


We understand that planning a week of activities in a buzzing county like Yorkshire can be stressful. That is why we have prepared this expert guide on spending the seven most memorable days of your life in Yorkshire.

1. A Day at Stockeld Park

It is always a good idea to start your week of exciting experiences with a bang! The best place to make that exceptional start to your days out in yorkshire is Stockeld Park. Theme parks have a way of transforming a dull day into a mind-blowing event. But there’s something about Stockeld Park that makes it stand out from any other theme park you have ever been to.

For starters, Stockeld Park promises a fun experience for all family members regardless of age. You and your children can all have a great time without compromising on your interests and concepts of fun.


The park also has a wide range of activities that you can try out for the whole day. So you can expect the park to be quite popular among locals and tourists over the holidays. You should book your ticket as early as possible if you want to have an exceptional time at Stockeld.

2. Explore the Brimham Rocks

Everyone in Yorkshire knows that going to the Brimham Rocks is not negotiable if you want to have an amazing time in the region. The rocks have unique formations, which make them an amazing place to go for families and solo vacationers together. The experience is even better since you don’t have to pay for anything to explore the rocks. All you need to do is pack a bag and make your way to the rocks.

If your family enjoys picnics and outdoor games, the Brimham can be an excellent place to crack open a fresh bottle of juice and sandwiches as you have a good time. You can also bring a ball for your pet to chase around and carry a camera to capture the memories!

Some locals recommend trying out the Yorkshire Dales ice cream in one of the kiosks at the Rock. That can be a refreshing experience, especially during the scorching summer sun.

3. Bird’s Day Out at York Bird of Prey Centre and Flamingo Land

Yorkshire prides itself in some of the UK’s largest collections of birds and wildlife. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you should certainly consider spending the third day of your time in Yorkshire checking out these amazing birds.

Yorkshire promises two excellent places for bird watchers: York Bird of Prey Centre And Flamingo Park. The Bird Of Prey Centre has a wide variety of birds you will enjoy looking at. Examples include the African Hawk and the British Golden Eagle. They also allow you to get close to and touch the birds if you feel adventurous.

Flamingo Land is another alternative for those who want to combine bird watching with a zoo experience. The name might be misleading since the zoo has more than just flamingoes. You are in for a surprise if you decide to visit the area!

4. Try the Yorkshire Coast

The beach is always a relaxing place to literally kick your shoes out and enjoy the experience mother nature has to offer. You can never spend time away from home for the holidays without at least spending a full day at the beach.

The Yorkshire coastline has some of the most exciting beach enclosures in the entire UK. If you decide to spend some time at the Yorkshire beach, you will be spoilt for choice. The best place to start when it comes to Yorkshire beaches is South Bay Beach. Popularly known as Scarborough Beach, South Bay Beach promises a combination of sunbathing and swimming time, which you will never forget.


You should also consider other popular options like Filey Beach or Bridlington Beach. But you should be careful with the latter as the beach is full of rocks and pebbles. So, walking barefoot might not be ideal.

5. Combine the Knaresborough Castle and Mother Shipton’s Cave

One thing that makes Yorkshire a popular tourist destination is its medieval culture. That is why you can never go to Yorkshire and fail to spend time in Knaresborough Castle. Knaresborough has a long and winding history, with some of the earliest recordings of the region tracing back to the early 1000s. Yes, that’s over 1000 years ago! The charges to enter the castle are normally quite low. But you could also spend time in the garden for free.

Another ancient destination you must try out when in Yorkshire is Mother Shipton’s Cave. That is unless you are scared of the fabled grave of Ursula Sontheil! It is said that rubbing her nose might just give you the luck you need for that one wish you have been hoping for.

6. The Leeds Festival

A week spent in Leeds can never be complete if you miss out on the exciting Leeds Festival. Music lovers and festival enthusiasts can confirm that the Leeds Festival is certainly one of the most exciting experiences anyone can have in Yorkshire. You can expect to see some of your favorite musicians and artists take the stage and belt out your prized tunes.


You should know that this festival comes at a steep price tag. So you should make early arrangements to avoid going above your budget. But can you really put a price on the family?

Bottom Line

Spending time with family while exploring some of the activities Yorkshire has to offer can certainly offer you the thrill of a lifetime. The region prides itself on a wide range of activities that will give you a chance to hang out with your family and have fun while at it.

But if you plan to attend some of these activities, you should consider booking your tickets as early as possible to avoid that last-minute rush!