If you have just had the wonderful news that you are with a child, this is definitely a time for celebration, especially if this is your first time as a parent. Of course, it is perfectly natural to be somewhat apprehensive when entering a new arena, which parenting most certainly is, and in order to help you with the transition to parenthood, here are a few great hacks that every mum-to-be should know.

8 Great Hacks For Mums To Be In 2023

1. Create Several Changing Stations Around The Home

Create Several Changing Stations For Your Baby

Changing nappies will become a task that needs doing multiple times per day and the smart mum has at least 2 changing stations, one upstairs and one on the ground floor. A changing station consists of a changing mat, a pack of diapers, and some wet wipes; you won’t regret doing this, that’s for sure!

You can buy a couple of diaper caddies, fill up the pockets, and whenever the baby needs changing, you won’t have far to go.

2. Online Shopping Means Lower Prices

Whether maternity clothes, babywear, or bathtime products, the online supplier offers the lowest prices for the top brands. Google makes it a breeze to compare products and prices and most online stores offer free delivery; there’s no need to get dressed up and find a baby store when you suddenly have a need for something; simply bookmark your favorite online stores and you can shop while a junior is sleeping.

3. Help Baby To Sleep With A White Noise Machine 

Some babies have trouble sleeping, due to distracting sights and sounds; a white noise machine plays soft, natural sounds like singing birds and seashore sounds as the tide ebbs and flows. Indeed, some adults use a white noise machine to help them sleep; the device effectively blocks out background noise and if your baby takes a long time to drift off to sleep, this might be the perfect solution. You can find these machines online and they are not expensive.

Help Baby To Sleep With A White Noise Machine

4. Prepare Ready-To-Eat Freezer Meals For One Month 

The first month is definitely the hardest for new mums and this is a time when you need all of your strength; ask your partner to prepare ready-to-eat meals and put them in the freezer; when baby is finally asleep, it only takes a few minutes to heat up the meal and you can enjoy wholesome food when you really do need it.

5. Use Rubber Toy Rings To Keep Ground-Level Cabinets Closed 

Use Rubber Toy Rings For Safety

Child-proof cupboards are a must when a baby begins to crawl and rather than buying expensive child-proof locks, use simple rubber toy rings to hook over both handles and junior won’t be able to open them.

Once you find the right size, order half a dozen and deploy them all where needed.

Here are some personalized mementos for new mothers.

6. Check Out The Wide Range Of Mobile Apps For New Mums 

Go to Play Store and search for ‘new mum apps’ and browse the many apps that are designed to help new mothers (and fathers); you can connect with a network of other new mums, which means you can share experiences, make new friends and get the answers to the many questions you will have. Many new mum apps are free to install, although they might contain ads, which can be annoying.

7. Antiseptic Baby Wipes Rule 

You should buy baby wipes in bulk and keep packs in different locations around the house, as well as a few in your travel bag. This is considered an essential need wherever you go with your baby in any situation, to ensure sanitation and hygiene of your baby. Wipes are ideal for any mop-up session and we all know how messy babies can be!

Of course, there are many brands and chopping and changing will help you find the right brand for you.

Antiseptic Baby Wipes Rule

8. Create A Baby Shower Gift List 

There’s nothing wrong with letting people buy what they wish, but more often than not, there are a few essentials that you end up needing. If you create a baby shower gift list, people can select something that you really need, rather than something they think you might need. It makes perfect sense and family and friends will be in complete agreement.


This is an exciting time in your life and with some planning, you can make the transition to motherhood much easier. As you would expect, there is a lot to parenting and through all of your experiences, you will gain essential parenting skills with these hacks for mums that will help you on your journey. The Internet hosts a wealth of resources for new mothers and that is an invaluable tool for every new parent.