Try these amazing mens hairstyles to bring out the charm in you.

If you are here because you are looking for mens hairstyles and haircuts to transform your looks, you have visited the right page. Many haircuts for men have come and gone but these hairstyles have stayed as a testimony that a cool thing never fades away. That is exactly the kind of hairstyle you need this year. A hairstyle that will be trendy now and the next few years to come.

And the best thing is that these hairstyles are not selective either. Whether you are in a business profession or just some guy who needs something to rock and look cool, this list of mens hairstyles will give you an array of styles for your consideration. Let’s help you choose the right style according to your face shape and hair type.

1. Quiff

This hairstyle has been trending for some decades and there are no signs it will fade any time soon. To style it, some sections of manes at the front are combed upwards and backward. You can opt for several variations of this hairstyle such as the floppy quiff, hard part, or side part. Regardless of the option you decide to opt for, the hairstyle is sassy and clean and at the same time very professional. The style styles cut the hair short in the back and around the ears and culminate into long hair in the front that is styled backward. It is the front styling that gives it its personality.

2. French Crop

If you need simple mens hairstyles you should consider the French crop.  It is styled with a short fringe that can be styled messy and combed to the front over your forehead. The sides are normally faded, and the hair on top is trimmed to a standard size, leaving the hair in the front slightly elongated. Before, styling, let your stylist know the kind of fringe you need, either for work or play fringe.


3. Slick Back

This is one of mens hairstyles that doesn’t need any description as the name tells it all. Normally, the hair on top is combed to the back while that at the back and sides is cut at a standard length. It is seen as a masculine and powerful hairstyle and you can complement it with other variations of the hairstyles to make it unique for you. For instance, you can choose a taper fade or skin fade for pairing.

4. Messy Hair

This hairstyle was not as popular as it is now some years ago. However, its popularity is growing rapidly across the globe. This look ranges from just thick, textured hair to very bold curls at that top and screams, ‘Look at me!’

Messy hairstyles go well with short, medium, and long hair. If you have thin and fine hair, don’t worry, as there are some options you can style too. After styling, you need to add volume and fullness to this style by using a sea salt spray to texturize and thicken it.


5. Comb Over

This legendary hairstyle is ideal for almost every guy and it is liked thanks to its versatility. As the name tells it all, to achieve this hairstyle, all you need is to comb all your manes, starting from one side to the other. This leaves your hair with fulness and an impression of thickness even if you have thin hair. Consider going to an experienced stylist if you have straight, curly, or thick hair, as styling these types of hairs by yourself could prove problematic when you want a comb over.

6. Crew Cut

One universal thing about men is that they need any style that is low maintenance and at the same time that will make them look great and awe. This is one of those mens hairstyles that men love, and for a reason; this haircut doesn’t need a lot of styling effort, and you just need minimal maintenance to maintain it clean and fresh.

Besides, the hairstyle is quite versatile. You can wear it to a professional business meeting and when you get back, just freshen it and you are good to go partying with your gang. And you can even make it unique by incorporating a taper fade or side part from the top of your head. You can experiment with different looks to know what style best suits your face shape.