With much of the southeast exposed to seasonal hurricanes and violent storms, protecting homes and commercial structures from wind-borne debris is imperative. Hurricane impact windows are one of the first lines of defense you can utilize in areas such as this. These are special windows that can resist the strong winds and flying debris of hurricanes and tropical storms.

What Exactly Is A Hurricane Impact Window?

Hurricane impact windows, also known as impact-resistant windows or storm windows, are made of multiple layers of glass or strong plastic and then fused with a durable layer in between them. Most often the interlayer is made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). It shares quite a bit with how windshields in cars are constructed, making it sturdy and resistant to impact.

The functionality of hurricane-impact windows comes from not allowing high-speed debris to penetrate the glass during a storm. Conventional windows might break from wind or water direct exposure, opening up the building envelope to more damage.


 On the other hand, impact windows are built so that they do not break away even if the outer layer cracks, which means that the structural integrity of a building is maintained, which will save its inhabitants.

How Do They Work?

This is due to their layered building and construction as well as the materials they are made from, which combine in a durable method, making them very efficient hurricane-effect windows. While the outer glass on an impact window may crack when hit by debris or high wind pressure, the inner layers and interlayer maintain their form, keeping the window from shattering into potentially harmful shards. This configuration greatly reduces the chance of foreign object intrusion into the building and has a large effect on the prevention of severe damage due to rapid air pressure changes within the facility.

Do They Work?

Hurricane impact windows have been tested and proven to benefit from laboratory testing as well as the tests applied in real life. Impact windows are used in homes and buildings to protect the property during a hurricane or tropical storm, and being more resistant than traditional windows, they help to maintain the aesthetic aspect of your home. This reduced susceptibility ensures the structure is safeguarded and keeps occupants safe by eliminating the likelihood of glass shards entering the home and maintaining a secure overall during a storm.

In addition, Hurricane Impact Windows has many other benefits beyond hurricane protection.


They help to reduce outside noise and let you save on your energy bills by keeping the heat outside- they are much better at insulating than standard windows. Impact windows are harder to penetrate, making them even more suitable for a house that needs high-level security.

So, hurricane-impact windows are very important investments for businesses as well as homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. The way they are built and their resistance to severe weathering also help protect your property and yourself from adverse weather conditions. Impact-resistant windows help protect both the building and its occupants – while also offering improved energy efficiency and security all year long.