Even if your phone doesn’t provide you with stats about your screen time, you can probably guess that the numbers are mind-blowing. The new younger generation of users, which includes our children, tend to spend even more time with their gadgets, practically placing their lives in them. A mobile device is a window to the world for a child and serves a useful purpose as a tool for communication, but sometimes using an iPhone tracking app can be the remedy that will help you find out if the gadget is used by the child excessively or if there are events in their lives that you, as parents, need to know about.

The “Why” and “How” of Using iPhone Tracker Apps

Asking how to spy on iPhone or Android is absolutely natural for parents because it means responding to modern challenges in raising their children and ensuring their safety both in the physical world and online. While trust is a fundamental component of interactions between loved ones, having a tracking tool at hand can be vital at times, although it should not be overused. The main reasons that may prompt parents to resort to online monitoring are:

● knowing where they are in real-time

● information about who they communicate with (granting the ability to eliminate destructive contacts in their lives, cyberbullying, and similar behaviors)

● settings available for limiting screen time or access to applications, blocking them

● setting up filters for web content displayed to the child

● stealthy application operation, one-time setup, or monitoring without access for iOS devices

This last approach can be of help to those who want to know how to spy on iPhone without them knowing. To do this, the app you choose – for example, uMobix, which offers a free trial to boot – should offer you the option to enter their iCloud login information, a service used for online data storage. Next, it will synchronize with iCloud and deliver backups directly to the user’s account provided by the application.


In the very same account, users can usually set the necessary settings to control or limit apps on the device and view the dashboard to see newly arrived data from the target gadget. This could be information about calls, SMS, messages on social networks, web browser history, geolocation, as well as more advanced features, as in the case of uMobix, such as video and audio streaming, full access to FB and Instagram for iOS, and many other perks.

Golden Rules for Choosing the Ultimate Parental Control Software

It goes without saying that before choosing a service, you need to proceed from criteria, such as whether you have access to the device you want to monitor or whether you know its iCloud data. For example, if your request is to spy on an iPhone with just the number, a product that works through installation directly on the target gadget will do little for you. In this case, you can pay attention to services that only require a phone number like GEOfinder.mobi, but at the same time, you can only count on assistance in determining a person’s geolocation and data about their Internet connection, such as the name of the network and IP address.

In addition, the monitoring platform of the gadget plays an important role, whether it is a desktop or a mobile device, and what operating system it has – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. Features offered for tracking and possible for one platform or operating system are not necessarily duplicated for another, so these nuances must be clarified before purchasing a subscription.

Other things to definitely look out for include:

● features that will allow you to both control and monitor your child’s activities

● modern and intuitive website design

● customer support availability

Free or Paid iPhone Tracker – Which One to Choose?

Free tracking services just lay there, unbeknownst to many, waiting to be discovered by the phone user and set as desired.


These include Find My service for iOS device detection and Google Maps (available both for iOS and Android). What they have in common is that they are completely free, and their primary task is not full-fledged monitoring of someone’s activity, as with the best app to spy on iPhone, but providing the opportunity to detect a lost device, for example. Although services like Family Link also offer some functions for monitoring device activity within the family circle.

However, you should not forget that most modern children are well aware of how mobile devices work and what services are available on them, so they can easily bypass your settings, for example, by deactivating location sharing. In such cases, third-party applications come into play, offering discreet operation, answering your question about how to spy on someone with an iPhone without access, and also being full of extra features in addition to location tracking, allowing you to keep their activity on social networks under a watchful eye and even read deleted messages and see other deleted information thanks to the automatic screenshots and keylogger functions.

All in all, the market of tracking tools is booming now, allowing people, even in different parts of the world, to know more about the activities of their loved ones and exercise control over the time spent with a smartphone when it comes to minors. Some extra features and extra convenience come at an extra price, but you should remember that safety is at stake.