Why do people are so much desperate to have a mobile tracker app at their disposal? I think people have started watching the James Bond series, and they got inspired. Isn’t it! No, that’s not true! What is the purpose behind seeking cell phone tracking apps? Seriously, you want to know that? The answer is digital parenting. Young kids over the recent years have become addicted to mobile phones running with different operating systems, colors, specs, and many more things. Moreover, kid’s access to cell phones could be harmful at any point in time. Therefore, digital parenting has become necessary.

What Is Digital Parenting & Why Is It Necessary?

Keeping an eye on kid’s online activities to safeguard them from online predators, online dating, adult content, social media addiction, and risky activities on the web is called digital parenting.

Moreover, parents look after kid’s cellphone activities and prevent them from potential risks using cellphone devices connected to the internet.

mobile phone tracking app for parents

Further, parents perform different types of parenting styles these days, like authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting, permissive, and uninvolved parenting styles. It enables parents to keep tabs on kids and teens 24/7 using a phone tracker app.

Mobile Tracker App In A Nutshell! 

It is an application designed for cellphones, tablets, and pads running with different operating systems.

You can install it on android devices without root. However, you need to jailbreak the process to use it on iOS devices.

Hence, it works sneakily and remains undetectable.

However, it does not support remote installation, and you have to have physical access to the target device.

Further, it is a non-rooted but jailbreak solution for iPhones.

Therefore, you can use its robust and user–friendly features, like screen recording, keystrokes, internet history, social media spy, call logs, text message tracking, and many more.

parental control on kid's online activities

It is anticipated when it comes to digital parenting and keeps parents updated in a timely. You have to install it on your target device to set parental control on kid’s online activities. Let’s take a look at its most powerful features that are best for digital parenting.

Top Rated Features Of Mobile Tracker App For Digital Parenting

Here are the following features of the world’s best mobile tracker that enable parents to stop their kids to become vulnerable to cyber predators and get involved in inappropriate activities.

For Android OS Device Only

Call Recorder

Users can record live incoming and outgoing calls using the secret call recording app. It empowers parents to access any phone, record live calls, and send the data to the web control panel to download it.

Browsing History

Do you want to know what sort of websites your child has visited? You can use the browsing history mobile tracker app and get to know about visited websites with URLs and names and further watch bookmarked pages with the schedule.

Social Media Tracking

Social messaging apps and websites are on the rise and teens have become addicted to them. Users can track a cellphone and monitor messaging apps and social network logs with the schedule. It enables parents to read messages, chat, and track voice and video call logs. You can watch kid’s activities on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Viber, and many more.

android mobile tracker app for parents

GPS Tracker

Users can access the target cellphone device and get to know about the children’s real-time location. Moreover, users can track and monitor target device location with accuracy on Google Map. Moreover, users can track route maps and mark safe and dangerous places for teens using this mobile tracker app feature.

Keystrokes Logging

Users can capture and record keystrokes applied on the target cellphone device using the keystrokes logging app. Moreover, users can record email keystrokes, messenger, messages, and cha conversations keystrokes.


You can remotely capture screenshots on the cellphone screen and you can send the capture screen images into the secure online dashboard.

Surround Monitoring

Parents can access any android phone and control the target phone MIC to record and listen to the voices, voice chat, arguments, and clues in terms of sounds that your child is in trouble.

View 360

This feature is best for keeping an eye on kids’ surroundings by taking on cellphone front and back cameras using live camera spy software. It enables users to connect the cellphone cameras with the online dashboard to get lives streaming of the surroundings. 

For iOS jailbreak devices only


Parents can set parental control on their kid’s iPhone tracker app and monitor WhatsApp message logs, chat conversations, group conversations, and voice message logs.


Users can access iPhones secretly and track contact books alongside the emails, and names.


Parents can read sent and received messages on jailbreak iPhone devices using the iPhone tracker app. You can get to know about SMS on iOS devices with a schedule.


Parents can track iMessages sent and received on iPhones using mobile tracker software. You can read conversations with strangers and what they are talking about in iMessages.

Device Info

Users can view device information using mobile tracker software. It means you will get to know the attached devices, IEMI numbers, and many more things.


Parents can read the appointments fixed by the teens in calendars, like dating, birthday parties, and many more things.

Installed Apps

Parents can view installed apps and watch if there is an application that could become vulnerable for teens to the fullest. 

mobile tracker app to use with kids phone

How Mobile Tracker App Works?

Do you want to track someone’s android or iPhone secretly? 

You can do it, but you need to visit the world’s best mobile tracker official website.

Moreover, you need to subscribe to the android tracker or iPhone tracking application.

You will get an instant email if you have subscribed for android solutions.

However, you need to jailbreak your iOS device and then you should get the subscription.

You will receive an email and you can get a password and ID.

Further, you need to complete the installation process and activate the dashboard and use the features to perform digital parenting.


TheOneSpy is the best phone tracking brands that provide you services to monitor and track cellphone device running with Android and iOS operating systems.

what app to use to track kids mobile phone

You need a mobile tracker app when buying your kids a mobile phone in order to secure them from the possible dangers of using the web. Learn how to protect them using this technology for parents.

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