As a therapist, I’m well aware of the challenges many people face when it comes to procrastination and maintaining focus. Breaking the habits and behaviors that fuel procrastination can be a formidable task. My clients often lament the hours lost to social media when they should be studying or working on essential projects. Regardless of their morning motivation, procrastination and inertia tend to take hold by the afternoon. If you can relate to this struggle, I invite you to delve into my experiment with the Mellow Flow app.

This innovative tool leverages Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to conquer procrastination and cultivate healthier habits. It’s tailored for anyone grappling with the stress of leaving tasks until the last minute. I conducted a trial with a select group of my clients to assess whether the app could effectively assist them in building better life habits. Those who volunteered for the experiment committed to using the app for approximately 10 minutes daily during their procrastination-prone moments. I closely observed how well the app helped them resist distractions, kickstart their work promptly, and maintain focus.

Now, after several clients and my personal experience with the app, I’m ready to offer my assessment of whether it lives up to its promise of combating procrastination

Unlocking the Mellow Flow App: A Sneak Peek

Frequent procrastination can lead to adverse consequences, such as diminished academic performance, heightened stress levels, health issues, and strained relationships. The Mellow Flow app, a product of a proficient team, is engineered to aid users in achieving life goals through validated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises.

Here’s a breakdown of how the app works:

  • Thought Identification and Restructuring: The application assists you in recognizing counterproductive thought processes and guides you in transforming them into a positive light. This includes overcoming internal barriers by assessing and altering unhelpful self-talk into motivational self-talk.
  • Behavioral Activation: The Mellow Flow app utilizes personalized to-do lists to motivate users to engage in positive behaviors and tasks. Providing customized schedules of meaningful activities supports you in accomplishing your objectives. Task tracking and to-do lists help in structuring your time and efforts, resulting in improved achievement of important life goals.
  • Self-Monitoring: With the app, you can monitor key metrics, promoting greater self-awareness by objectively reviewing your behaviors and interactions. This heightened self-awareness allows you to identify areas for improvement and implement positive changes aligned with your goals.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The Mellow Flow app equips you with problem-solving resources and offers guidance when you encounter obstacles. By providing support for overcoming challenges, the application empowers you to navigate hurdles effectively.
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques: Grounded in CBT principles, these techniques help calm your mind and body during moments of tension or unease.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Leveraging principles of positive reinforcement—a core component of CBT—the Mellow Flow app encourages acknowledgment of even minor achievements and improvements. Celebrating small victories and incremental progress serves as motivation for continued commitment to your goals.
  • Cognitive Restructuring Worksheets: These materials help identify and modify irrational or unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns. They guide you in examining underlying assumptions and automatic thoughts, fostering more realistic and constructive perspectives.
  • Daily Lessons and Continuous Learning: The value of daily lessons lies in their progressive building upon one another. This consistent approach to learning reinforces concepts daily, aligning well with promoting gradual and lasting improvement through sustainable changes.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of the Mellow Flow app

Pros Cons
Tailor-made plan – Created exclusively for you. Based on an initial assessment, the app generates a structured path to help you build positive habits and skills. Missing video and audio content.

While personalized plans can be valuable, they may not fully account for unexpected changes or nuances in a person’s life, potentially leading to situations where the plan may not be as effective as desired.

Daily lessons based on CBT methods  – The daily lessons utilize CBT techniques like identifying negative thought patterns, challenging unhealthy beliefs, and reframing situations more constructively. Lessons build on each other over the course to reinforce new habits and ways of thinking.
Mental exercise worksheets – The Mellow Flow app provides mental exercise worksheets to help you put the concepts from the lessons into practice. They are feasible and customized to your goals.
Daily to-do lists – The application generates individualized tasks based on your learning plan and current progress. You can complete them in any order.
Help en route – If you want to talk through difficult emotions, have questions about a lesson or worksheet, or need help with problem-solving barriers to your progress, you can rely on guidance and encouragement from real success coaches.
You can cancel the program any day – If you decide to stop the program for any reason, temporarily or permanently, the Mellow Flow app allows you to cancel your subscription at any moment.
7-day evaluation version for free – During the trial period, you explore the full range of tools and content and its key perks, and determine if the methodology resonates with you. If you feel you are unready to continue, you will get your money back.
Tailored subscription plans – The variety of options allows you to choose a subscription that is an ideal match for your goals and budget.

Signing Up for the Mellow Flow app

To learn how the application helps tackle challenges with your motivation and delays, you must complete a brief questionnaire.


The survey includes around 20 questions that assess the extent to which procrastination affects your daily activities.

The app then generates a strategy to help you manage your commitments and time more productively. After you finalize your purchase, you can work towards increased effectiveness and efficiency through the targeted recommendations.

You Can Trust the Mellow Flow App with Your Data

The application protects users’ privacy and data security through strong encryption, limited data collection, secure storage, and regular testing. You can confidently use the application, knowing your information is kept private and secure. Any data collected through the questionnaire is used only to improve your experience. When your account is closed, the associated information is anonymized and unusable.

Who Can Benefit from Using the Mellow Flow App?

The application can help you powerfully structure your time, especially if you find yourself in one of the groups:

  • You tend to delay tasks and deadlines;
  • Your ADHD prevents you from lasting concentration;
  • You are a student looking for support with time management;
  • You deal with anxiety or depression and want to enhance your productivity;
  • You get sidetracked readily and lack sustained attention;

Costs of the Mellow Flow app subscriptions

The application offers users two membership options:

Plan Full price Discounted price
Monthly plan $99.99 $29.99
Quarterly plan $189.00 $62.99

Daily pricing varies according to the subscription selected, with standard rates ranging from $2.07 per day for the quarterly subscription up to $3 per day for the monthly plan. Plus, you may take advantage of various promotional offers.


Nancy D.: “I usually don’t like to stick with stuff too long. But this time was different – I saw it through. I’m so happy I did too! Following this program paid off at my job.”

Rob S.: “I found I can do much more within the day than before. I don’t overthink now; I just pick an option, then move forward.”

Jennifer C.: “That app helped me notice when I start thinking negatively and change my thoughts to something more good. It feels like I’m making better habits now and really liking who I’m becoming.”

Final thoughts

If you strive to improve your ability to concentrate on tasks with greater productivity, Mellow Flow is worth exploring. It checks all the “how to stop procrastinating” boxes.

After completing the course, you feel the continued drive to achieve your objectives and attain established targets and milestones with no overwhelming. You maximize your efficiency and enhance self-control and the ability to withstand temptations or impulses.