As parents, our primary goal and responsibility is to ensure our children walk on the right path.  Parenting with a purpose helps them climb the success ladder both in their professional and personal life.

Parents must try to instill a purpose-driven mindset into their kids, so they become the best version of themselves. 

This article discusses ways that parenting with a purpose will guide kids on the right way of living.

1. Instill The Teachings Of Discipleship In Them 

Discipleship is following the holy teachings of Jesus Christ to become a better person in life.  With disciple training, you can teach your children the importance of values and principles.

discipleship in children

In fact, to help them follow this approach, parents should practice discipleship in their everyday life.  This means indulging in prayer, family time and meaningful conversations.  And, making them a part of the kids’ everyday schedule.

If you want them to behave or live a certain way, first show them. 

“As many other values children get from us, compassion is more likely to be caught than taught.” – Mister Rogers

And remember, it isn’t easy to instill these teachings.  They demand repetition.  However, in no time, you and your children will be practicing them as a usual routine of your day.

So, parenting with a purpose needs patience and guidance.

2. Encourage Thoughtful Conversations

Believe it or not, adolescents are often lectured as opposed to queried about their purpose in life.  Indeed, parents should make their conversation style a bit more gentle and caring.   

However, if we listen properly, children would be easily indulged in deeper conversations. 

For instance, instead of accusing them of wasting time online, ask them what’s their passion.  What is it that drives them?  In doing this you will discover ways to make their days more productive. 

Remember, discuss relatable topics they can understand and use in their lives.  This will depend on their age group. 

3. Showing Interest in Each Other’s Lives Is Parenting With A Purpose

Modern families are often very busy.  This may leave little time to be involved in or concerned about the lives of family members.

While this might feel like a privacy privilege at first, it is certainly not.  Indeed, it could be discouraging for the well-being of the family. 

Parents should show an active interest in their kids’ lives and ask them if they need anything.  Keeping a check on them makes them feel appreciated.  Furthermore, they will be more comfortable sharing their life goals with you. 

4. Get On Board With Their Goals 

Parenting with a purpose is encouraging your children’s healthy interests.  Regardless of the career path they choose, offer support if it’s in their best interest.

This could mean giving them different opportunities to explore.  Or, exposing them to people with the same interests. 

And remember, be sure to encourage but let them make the journey on their own.

5. Encourage Them To Believe In Themselves

Children need to be conveyed that everything they do has an impact on the world, for the better or, the worse.

That said, push them to work hard on things and issues that bring joy to them or the world. 

No matter how unique career choices they have in mind, ask them to discuss the possibilities and go ahead with the plan with full zeal.

Tell them,’ if they can feel that in their gut, they should run behind it.’

parenting with a purpose for self-belief

6. Teach Them Life Skills 

Life skills are valuable life lessons that will help your kid throughout their ages.  In fact, teaching them these skills at an early age is the wisest decision you can make as parents.

These skills should include a wide variety.  Think everything from time management and money management to cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and comparison shopping.  As children grow, they make use of these skills to live a better life and reach their goals.

Remember to be gentle and act like a living inspiration for them to adapt these skills faster.  Teaching your kids life skills is parenting with a purpose.

7. Parenting With A Purpose By Sharing Your Wisdom 

Parents should be optimistic and try to instill this quality in their children.  This will help them gain confidence in their life.

Do not lecture them 24/7 on life’s hardships and failings.  Instead, teach them to see challenges of life are meant to be handled with grace and patience. 

Educate your children to take on hardships with confidence and hope.  Make sure you keep them grounded with your wise words of wisdom.

Parenting with a purpose - sharing wisdom

Final Words 

Through parenting with a purpose, you can put your child into the right path.

In today’s digitally-dominated world, our kids can easily get distracted.  This often means they lose track of what’s truly important in life.  Being parents, it is our job to instill teachings that will help them stay closer to their purpose and achieve it early in life. 

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