One in eight couples suffer infertility issues and struggle to get pregnant.  You would think that with a statistic this high, insurance companies would pay for fertility treatment.  However, that is not the case.

Couples who long for a family, but struggle to get pregnant on their own, are spending thousands of dollars on treatments.  This must be paid upfront leaving couples out of pocket and facing difficult decisions.

Even the testing to be considered a patient is pricey.  Because of the high cost of reproductive assistance, many couples are having to face the depressing reality that they may not be able to afford to have a family.

An Idaho fertility clinic has an “overall health” approach to patient care and has terrific results.  Finding the cause of fertility issues can work very well and allow couples to fall pregnant naturally.  

There are some clever ways that people have been able to come up with the money to help pay for fertility treatments.  Hopefully, some of these methods and ideas can help other struggling couples. 

1. Insurance Can Help Pay For Fertility Treatment

The first place to research is your insurance. Depending on your level of cover, you may find your policy will pay for fertility treatment.

While it may not fully cover fertility costs, if you read the fine print your insurance may cover a certain percentage.  Some have a policy where you pay a certain amount (up to a dollar figure) and they cover the rest.

Insurance companies like to confuse you by making their policies difficult to read.  So, make sure you go through the fertility section in your insurance pamphlet thoroughly.

If your insurance does not pay for fertility treatments, look to change.  This may mean talking to your employer about a new insurance provider or looking to move companies.  While this may seem extreme, the costs of treating infertility can reach many thousands of dollars!

Does insurance pay for fertility treatment

2. IVF Grant

There are many grants offered each year to couples needing help to pay for IVF.  If you do an internet search for IVF grant, you find many reputable websites listing grants that you can apply for.

If you or your spouse are serving, there are specific grants for military members.  There are also other career-specific grants such as for teachers, first responders and veterans.  Many states also allocate funding for IVF programs.

Keep in mind, there is an application fee for most grants, so find one that is most fitting for you and your situation.  Applying to many organisations may become quite expensive.

If you are looking to do IVF, you could be facing a 50 thousand-dollar bill.  This is after all the fees and the final bill is totaled at the end of the process.  Finding a new job with great insurance that covers IVF may be worth the hassle, even if it means a decrease in salary.

Some popular companies that are known to cover IVF costs are:

  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Bank of America
  • Chanel
  • Chobani
  • Facebook
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Lowes
  • Pinterest
  • Starbucks
  • Stripe
  • Tesla
  • Walt Disney
  • Zillow

3. Pay For Fertility Treatment Through Crowdfunding

No one ever “likes” to ask for money.  In fact, some people would rather die before creating a “gofundme” page for themselves. However, crowdfunding does not always have to be a form of asking for money.

crowdfund can help to pay fertility treatments

Another way that you could use crowdfunding to raise money is to host an auction.  Ask companies or businesses for things or experiences to donate. 

Make sure to let them know the cause that their items are going towards.  Businesses often love supporting this sort of venture as it gives free advertising and shows they care for the local community.   

Another way you could crowdfund to pay for fertility treatment is to do a bake sale.  Let people know why you are doing this and post it on a social media page to gain traction.

Everyone loves baked goods, and if they know that their purchase is going towards a good cause, they would be much more inclined to purchase something. 

4. Shop Around For Medications

Sometimes your fertility clinic will suggest a certain company to go through for your medications.  Many IVF patients have found that shopping around for these was helpful. 

These incredibly expensive medications vary greatly in price depending on where you get them.  So, get online and do some research as you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

The medications for IVF can be anywhere from 1-10 thousand dollars, depending on what you need.  Some discount pharmacies like Walmart may carry the medication you are looking for at a reduced price.

You could use the app goodrx to help you find the cheapest medications.

Shopping around could save you a few thousand hard-earned dollars. 

5. A Loan To Pay For Fertility Treatment

Even though you will have to pay back a loan, it may be the only way to pay for fertility treatment.

Some loan companies specifically lend to fertility patients and can give you a good rate.

Just as you would shop around for medications, make sure you shop around for a good and understanding lender. If your credit score is not great, you could use a credit card instead if you have a high limit. 

Loan can help you pay fertility treatments


Going through infertility and having treatments is not only emotionally difficult but is also incredibly financially exhausting.  Our methods can help you pay for fertility treatment without suffering financial stress.

Having to forgo fertility treatment isn’t something that couples should have to face simply because they can’t afford it.

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