A well-prepared new parent will enjoy the benefits of it and be able to do what is necessary to avoid mistakes and regret. To become a happy parent in this world, you need these 13 best pieces of advice for new parents.  It contains advice that is not only from experts but from other people who have been through parenting before you start this journey with your child. Learn from their experience and make yourself a better person as well as a happier parent by following this advice!

We’re not talking about parenting tips that can go out of style with the next generation or fad diet advice that might not work forever. We’re talking about timeless advice that’s been passed down from generations and through many cultures, so it’s tried-and-true advice for new parents.

Prepared Parents vs. Unprepared Parents

The prepared parents know that there will be challenges ahead and they are ready to face them. The unprepared parents think that everything will always go their way and there won’t be any problems.

Nobody wants to be in the unprepared parent category, but sadly many people don’t make good decisions when they are in the moment during pregnancy or right after the baby is born. Most advice for new parents is timeless advice that if followed will take one out of the unprepared parent’s category and put them in the prepared parent’s category.

13 Best Advice for New Parents

Here are the 13 pieces of advice for new parents that will put you in the prepared parent category:

Get Organized Before the Baby Arrives

One of the best pieces of advice for new parents is to get organized before the baby arrives. This means having everything you need ready and in place before the baby comes. You don’t want to be running around trying to find things when the baby is already here.

Some things you may want to do include:

get organized before baby arrive by this bassinet for baby

Advice for New Parents is to Stock Up on Diapers and Wipes

Have six weeks’ worth of diapers at the very least. Stock up on wipes as well. You will go through wipes like crazy with a newborn.

When the baby arrives, you won’t have time to run out and buy these items. You’ll need them immediately.  Having them already at home will ensure that you’re prepared for all those diaper changes.

Learn How to Change a Diaper

This sounds silly, but learn how to change a diaper before the baby arrives. Knowing how to change a dirty diaper is an important skill for parents. Practice changing diapers on a doll or stuffed animal so you are familiar with the process when the time comes.  The last thing you want is your first attempt at changing a real-life baby’s diaper to be the first time you ever attempt it.

Check out this tutorial from youtube.com.

Make Sure You Have a Comfortable Place for the Baby to Sleep

You don’t want to wait until the baby is born and you bring him home to learn that he can’t sleep in his bassinet or crib. You will be exhausted so it’s important to set things up before the baby arrives.  This includes having a comfortable place for your baby to sleep.

Some parents are lucky enough to have a room for the baby to sleep in. Most parents have to share a bedroom with their baby so it’s important that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.  If your house is small, you may even want to consider setting up some kind of crib or bassinet in your room so the baby is close by.

Advice for New Parents on Breastfeeding or Bottle-Feeding

This advice for new parents is one of those pieces of advice that is extremely important yet controversial. Some people say that a woman must breastfeed her baby, but this advice does not apply to everyone.

It’s ok if you can’t breastfeed. If you have had a difficult pregnancy or delivery and your doctor recommends against breastfeeding, it’s ok to feed your baby formula. 

If you want to breastfeed, make sure you prepare before the baby comes.  Moreover, you have to know the harmful foods and beverages to avoid when lactating.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair and pillows that can support your back while nursing.

This advice for new parents will help you avoid getting sore or stiff from sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time. Learn also how to burp the baby after feeding.

Take Care of Yourself Too

Make sure you are eating nutritious meals and getting enough sleep. Also, take it easy for the first few days after delivery so you can heal properly. If you choose to breastfeed, you will need food that increases milk production so your baby is well-fed. Take enough sleep and eat properly and your baby will be just fine.

Advice for New Parents, Be Prepared for Crying

The advice for new parents will help you to be as prepared as possible for crying.  It may not seem like it now, but your baby’s cries are going to be very loud and persistent at first. Prepare yourself ahead of time so you don’t start screaming back.

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Establishing Rules and Sticking to Them

Establish limits early on. If you don’t, your baby will take advantage of the fact that you’re still learning all there is to know about parenting.  This advice for new parents will help you establish these limits before it’s too late.

You’ll want to establish rules early on for sleeping, napping, feeding, and other activities.  While these rules may vary from child to child, they are important for your baby’s development.

For example, you may want to establish a nap time routine. This could include a certain type of pajamas, a song, and other activities that you would like your baby to follow.

establish rules early on for feeding-advice for new parents

Create a Routine and Be Consistent With It

Another piece of advice for new parents is to create routines for your baby’s day so they know what to expect and you can be certain everyone gets the attention they need. A routine will help you know when to feed your baby, change the diaper, clean the messy room, etc.

Sticking to this advice for new parents is important because it keeps everyone’s life running smoothly. Of course, babies are not always predictable so advice for new parents won’t always apply.  However, having a set schedule will help you respond to your baby more quickly and confidently.

For example, if your baby wakes up hungry at 3 AM, you will not have to guess how long it’s been since his last feeding. Learn as you go.

Give Your Child Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is extremely important advice for new parents.  Believe it or not, children who receive compliments and rewards are more likely to continue behavior that gets the praise.

This advice for new parents is especially important when it comes to potty training, sleep habits, and other behavior that may be disruptive. If you give your child the attention they need, you’ll find this advice for new parents works like a charm.

For example, you could reward your child with a sticker each time they go potty. This advice for new parents will create a positive association around using the bathroom, which will eventually help them feel comfortable with doing so on their own.

Find Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Child

One of the best pieces of advice for new parents is to spend quality time with their babies. Take them to the park, read a book, or just talk to them. Quality time together will strengthen your relationship and help you understand each other better.

By spending at least an hour each day together, it will become a habit that you and your baby do without thinking about it. For example, you will talk to your baby and they will start babbling back.

Advice for New Parents – Set Limits and Enforce Them

Setting limits and enforcing them is advice for new parents that will become much easier with time.  Children need to know what the rules are in order not to feel insecure. Of course, you don’t want to punish your baby for small infractions because this advice for new parents will help you set boundaries without hurting your relationship with your child.

For example, you can give him a small toy to play with and then take it away after a few moments.  If your baby makes too much noise, cover his ears for a little while.  If your baby cries when you leave the room, then close the door for two minutes and then return.

This advice for new parents will help you:

Teach Your Child How to Problem-Solve

Learn how to deal with the tantrums and teach your child problem-solving skills when they are young.  When faced with a problem, such as not being able to open a cabinet or play with a toy because it is too high, children will need help in solving their problems.

For example, if your baby isn’t old enough to reach a cabinet, tell them “I can open it for you,” and give him something else to play with until he’s ready for the toy. Be patient and supportive when your child needs your support.

This advice for new parents will help your baby learn how to deal with frustration without resorting to violence.

teach your child with a problem-solving skill-advice for new parents


With this advice for new parents in mind, you can create a happy environment that allows your child to explore the world.  Moreover, you’ll be able to avoid most problems without making life miserable for everyone involved.

The best advice for new parents is often simple techniques that are easy to master with time and patience.  So if you apply it, your child will become a well-adjusted, emotionally stable, independent adult.

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