Our Positive Parenting Tips Raise Happy Kids

Choosing how to parent is never easy so here are 5 positive parenting tips to ensure healthy child development.

As a parent, the way you raise your children plays a large factor in the person they become.

There are certain aspects of your child that you have no control over like how tall they grow.  However, the way you treat them will directly impact how they feel about themselves and how they interact with others.

Parenthood does not come with a manual and we don’t always know how to handle every situation.

These positive parenting tips are key to healthy child development, both mentally and emotionally.

What is Positive Parenting?

You might be wondering what positive parenting means and how it’s done?

Positive parenting is a way to nurture and care for your children that is supportive, respectful, and sensitive to their needs.

It means setting healthy boundaries while offering affection and displaying empathy.

Our positive parenting tips help foster healthy child development by teaching children how to handle and regulate their emotions.

Doing this will give them confidence and teach personal responsibility.

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5 Positive Parenting Tips


1.  Look at Things From Their Perspective

It’s easy to get frustrated when your child doesn’t listen or deliberately defies you.

This positive parenting tip is to look at the reason behind WHY they have done it before you react.

Take the time to put yourself in their shoes and understand the choice your child made.  Whatever their reason, it’s important to hold them accountable for their actions.

Healthy child development requires parents that are proactive instead of reactive.

Talk to them about their emotions and how to handle the situation better in the future.

2.  Find Teachable Moments

Positive parenting tips take advantage of every teachable moment.

If you put your child in time-out, make sure to explain what they did wrong and why you chose this discipline.

Without understanding what you expect from them they don’t learn anything from the punishment.

To ensure healthy child development it’s important to take advantage of even the small moments in your child’s day.  Use each of these to teach your child how to make good decisions.

No parent is perfect and we all make mistakes. When you do make a mistake, use it as a teachable moment and say you’re sorry.

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3.  Be Firm But Loving

Being firm does not mean you have to yell or use aggression.  It does mean not backing down even when your child continues to act up.

Positive parenting tips allow you to hold your ground but in a kind and loving way. Saying no in a firm voice is more effective than raising your voice and yelling at your child.

When you get frustrated or yell your reaction is based in your own emotions which your child won’t understand. Take a moment to yourself and calm down before dealing with your child’s behavior.


4.  Model Positive Behavior

Your actions speak louder than words in healthy child development. What you tell your child matters a whole lot but the way you act matters more.

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If you tell your child how to behave in certain situations and they see you do something completely different you create confusion.

For your child to develop into a healthy, emotionally intelligent adult you have to show them what is expected.

When you react based on your emotions your child is more likely to do the same. Take a deep breath and give yourself a few minutes to calm down before having a difficult conversation.

Positive parenting tips show your child how to handle their own emotions.

5.  Set Consistent Routines

A routine is a significant part of every child’s life and they are crucial to healthy child development.

Being consistent means your child knows what to expect and can develop a rhythm in their lives.

The world we live in is unpredictable and children of all ages need to have structure and consistency. Positive parenting tips will set healthy boundaries and be consistent with rules and consequences.

Structure and consistency does not limit children in fact, consistency is one of the main factors that helps children thrive.


Use our 5 positive parenting tips to help you on your journey of raising independent and capable young adults.  Healthy child development may mean that you change your attitude on how you discipline and teach your children.

The methods that our parents used may not be totally relevant in today’s world.  Our children have access to vast amounts of information with a level of transparency not seen before.

As parents, we need to keep informed with the best tips and techniques to allow our kids to become the best version they can be.

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