Becoming a parent is a major life change. Sleep becomes a thing of the past. There are bigger financial responsibilities. Your daily routine and even priorities change. Your life may become more busy and hectic. But does this mean you have to give up on everything – all your hobbies, interests, and forms of entertainment? The parents need to enjoy their lives too and can even enjoy gambling but with responsibility.

Video games and casino gaming have become very popular. According to estimates, there are about 1.6 billion people worldwide who like to gamble. 4.2 billion people have gambled at least once in their lives.

But there is still bad press about gambling, especially for parents. What will be its influence on the kids? Will gambling work as a distraction? Will there be financial implications? These are some commonly raised concerns.

Parents have every right to enjoy their lives. Parenthood can be stressful, so what’s wrong if they dedicate some of their time to their own entertainment and the things they like to do? However, the parents must ensure that they are gambling responsibly.

What is Responsible Gaming?

Responsible gambling or gaming refers to ensuring that the gambling activities are only for entertainment purposes. At its core, it means that when you gamble, it should not put yourself or anyone else at any risk, especially financial risk.

Plenty of people gamble safely, but for some, it may cause harm in various ways. When not done responsibly, gambling can cause financial problems, stress, anxiety, depression, mental health issues, and relationship problems. Here are some key qualities of a responsible gambler –

●           Always gamble only for entertainment

●           Never make gambling a source of your income

●           Balance gambling with other activities

●           Set a specific daily, weekly, and monthly budget

●           Never exceed this budget, whether you win or lose

●           Set a specific time limit for your gambling

●           Take breaks regularly between your gaming sessions

●           Only gamble with money you can afford to lose


Gambling can be exciting and fun when you do it with moderation and have fixed up a time and budget. Remember, as a parent, you have many other responsibilities as well. You have responsibilities towards your infant, child, or teenager. You also have responsibilities towards your partner. Achieve the perfect balance between entertainment and your duties, gamble with moderation, and everything should be fine.

Employ Smart Strategies

There is always a chance factor in casino gaming, as luck determines whether you will win or lose. However, having said this, there are still many games like blackjack and poker that need a strategy to win. Here are some useful tips that will tell you how to win at video poker. Smart strategies and well-calculated decisions will increase your winning chances.

For example, you will have a better chance if you can find games that have a high payout percentage, identify favorable odds and variations, and understand the hand rankings and pay table.

This will be responsible gambling because you are not just relying on luck. You are going the extra distance by doing research to find ways to improve your winning chance. Of course, you can play more if you can win.

Responsible Gambling Strategies

Here are some more strategies that will make your gaming safe and fun –

  1. Gamble only when you are in a good mood. Avoid when you are feeling lonely, angry, or sad.
  2. Keep yourself surrounded by responsible gamblers. Unhealthy gambling attitudes and habits can quickly become contagious.
  3. Judge the success of your gambling by how much fun you had. It should never be by how much money you make.
  4. Play only at online casinos and land-based casinos that are reputed and safe. Check whether the casino has a proper license. Check whether there is player support and customer service. Read the terms and conditions carefully and also find out whether there is a secured payment gateway. Always read reviews to find out what the other players are saying about their experience before choosing your casino.
  5. Control your expectations. Never expect to win a jackpot each time you plan to play. Expect to lose and just focus on entertainment.
  6. There will be temptations. Do not fall into this trap.
  7. Always maintain a balance in your life. Focus on your family and spend quality time with the kids. Focus on self-improvement and your profession. Casino gambling should always come after these.


There are many gambling myths. For example, it is often said that your luck will change if you continue playing after a losing streak. Playing several games at the same time increases your chances. This is another myth. There is no truth in them, so do not become a victim of them.

The key is to achieve balance. Play only for fun and not for money. Spend time with your family. Keep your boss and coworkers happy at work. Take care of your health and finances.

Of course, children are not allowed to gamble in casinos. But they can play video games. In fact, parents often love to play video games with their children, and this can even be a healthy practice. According to an ESAC survey, many families are playing video games together on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. This is spending quality time together. As a parent, you can also watch what they are doing online and find out what kind of games they are playing.