This is a set of numbers, letters, and special characters with which you can activate a bonus on the casino site. These deals usually have a time limit and game type. As for the form, it can be credited both in the form of free spins and in the form of currency to the account. The rules for working off such offers are standard unless otherwise stipulated in the rules of the casino.

Bonus codes are offered through sites dedicated to gaming themes. Frequently, you can only use the code if you click on the affiliate link and sign up. The benefit here is mutual: the casino gets a new client, and the site through which the player went to the casino site and registered there, gets some reward in the affiliate program.

There are a lot of codes, but you cannot use several of them. Casinos have provided for this option and are insured; bonuses can not be accumulated on the account, and the conditions for working off are quite strict.

Bonus codes: how they work at online casinos

Here’s a detailed explanation of how bonus codes work and what you need to do to get started:

  1. Choose a casino: Choose an online casino that offers interesting bonuses and promotions. Be sure to make sure the casino is trustworthy and licensed.
  2. Register: Go through the yabby casino login process. You may need to provide personal information and create an account.
  3. Find the “Bonuses” or “Promo Codes” section: Once registered, log into your account and find the section dedicated to bonuses, promo codes and promotions. This can be in your account, the checkout section, or homepage.
  4. Enter the bonus code: When you find the bonus section, look for the field to enter the bonus code. Enter the code in the appropriate field.
  5. Activate bonus: After entering the code, activate the bonus by clicking on the “Activate” or similar button.
  6. Check your account: After activating the bonus, check your gaming account. The bonus funds or privileges should be credited to your account.
  7. Follow the terms of use: It is important to note that bonuses usually have certain terms of use, such as wagering requirements or time limits. Please be sure to read the rules.


Remember that bonus rules can vary from casino to casino, so always read them carefully. Register only in reliable casinos and comply with the terms and conditions of bonuses.

The main types of bonuses

Sign-up bonus

A popular way to welcome players, encourage them to sign up, and, most importantly, accept the casino’s policies and share your details. After that, you have two things: a registered potential player and the opportunity to contact them for further marketing.

From that point onwards, all further dealings with the player are your success or failure. In exchange for the data, the casino will credit money and free spins to players’ accounts so that they can get an immediate taste of the game with minimal losses.

Deposit bonus

The name fits the purpose. The bonus is given to encourage players to deposit their own money. It is these bonuses that casino operators most aggressively promote, as that is the whole point. Usually, this bonus is given as a % of the deposit amount, sometimes accompanied by a certain number of free spins.

Reload bonus

Aimed at player retention and involvement of those who have yet to deposit for a certain period (week, month, etc.). It is a good way to remind the player about the casino or invite a long-gone player to return to take advantage of an additional bonus. This type of bonus can take many forms, from extra free spins to a percentage of the deposit.


To entice players to return sooner rather than later, reload bonuses are usually time-limited and have a fixed expiration date. Furthermore, reload bonuses may be timed to celebrate a specific event or used to push new game titles.

Cashbacks / free spins in case of a loss

This is something to consider if you plan to build a long-term relationship with players. You’ll sometimes win, sometimes you’ll lose – that’s the true state of the game. Players generally take losing to heart, and the last thing you’d want us to do is let players leave the casino in a bad mood. Providing a % cashback for losing would soften the blow. Another good option is to offer free spins to players down on their luck that day.