Gambling and sports betting have traditionally been considered exclusively a male prerogative. However, modern realities refute this stereotype. Each year, the number of women interested in betting and placing bets in bookmakers is growing. This trend evokes a mixed reaction in society: from puzzlement to admiration for the ability of the fairer sex to understand the intricacies of the gambling business. Let’s take a closer look at what events women bet on, how successful they are in this field, and who these lady gamblers are.

Origins Of Female Betting

The first mentions of women enjoying gambling date back to the 1970s. This period coincided with the rise in popularity of the feminist movement when representatives of the fairer sex began actively asserting their rights and freedoms. In developed Western countries, attitudes towards women gamblers gradually changed, and by the 1980s, their presence in casinos and betting shops no longer caused surprise.

However, back then, a female bettor was perceived as something strange and unacceptable. Even today, there is still some prejudice against gambling ladies, although it is more respectful than before.

Specifics Of Women’s Bets

Many men are skeptical about bets made by women, considering sports betting as not suitable for them. Indeed, women show less interest in sports events, preferring to bet on talent shows, series, or celebrity events. In such bets, women are aided by intuition and a special flair, which often leads them to victory.

For example, in the UK, among women, a bet on the name of the future royal baby was popular. 57% of women bet on the baby being named George. At the same time, the percentage of female bets on the famous London derby “Arsenal” – “Tottenham” was only 7%. Obviously, in the sports industry, men still outnumber women in terms of the number of bets, but the fairer sex has its niches where they can showcase their talents. Moreover, some ladies have such deep knowledge of sports that they can outdo many men.

Rising Popularity Of Female Betting

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of sports bets made by women. This is due to the fact that major international football tournaments, such as the World and European Championships, are becoming increasingly popular among women. The atmosphere of football festivities also affects women, many of whom start to take an interest in this sport and place bets. However, they are still far from reaching the level of men in this field.


The thing is, women tend to make intuitive bets without having a well-thought-out system like their male counterparts. Moreover, they are less likely to take risks and place smaller amounts than men. Often, they lack serious motivation – many women play solely for pleasure.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Some women develop sophisticated betting schemes and operate in this business more professionally than some men. To avoid public condemnation, many girls prefer to place bets online. And those who have not yet reached the legal age register accounts under the names of their mothers or sisters.

Lady Gamblers: Who Are They?

In the gambling business, there are so-called lady gamblers – women who lose huge sums of money. At the beginning of 2020, the media actively discussed the story of a British nurse who lost almost £100,000 collected for her six-year-old son’s cancer treatment.

The child suffered from a rare disease not covered by compulsory medical insurance in England. The desperate woman raised funds for a paid operation and restorative procedures. Over the course of several months, she managed to raise an impressive amount – £200,000. However, within a year, she lost more than half of this money in betting shops. The boy, not receiving the necessary treatment, passed away.


Although such cases are rare, they vividly illustrate that gambling addiction is a serious problem that can affect not only men but also women. Therefore, it is important to treat gambling with caution, regardless of gender.

Statistics Of Female Betting

According to bookmakers’ data, women’s interest in betting is growing every year. However, their share among players remains relatively small – from 5 to 15% depending on the region. On average worldwide, women make up about 8-10% of the total number of bettors.

The majority of female players are young girls aged 18 to 25. The next category is aged 26 to 34. Older women place bets less frequently. The bookmaking company Melbet accepts bets from both men and women, including on many female sports. All you need to start betting is Melbet registration.

Thus, it can be concluded that the proportion of women in the bookmaking sphere is gradually increasing, but it has not yet reached significant proportions. Women show enthusiasm for betting, but they are less prone to gambling and risk-taking than men.