Being a parent is a complicated thing.  You not only have to take responsibility for your child, but also make sure that they are learning essential life lessons as they grow.

As a parent, you want the best things for them, and want them to become someone they will be proud of.  To be honest, bringing up a child is a time-consuming process.  It is true that humans learn from failures, and it is the same for a child. 

But, it is also true that children are fast learners. They can easily take up a habit, no matter how good or bad. Therefore, you should be aware of your activities and behavior when you are with your kid. 

There are a few important life lessons that you should teach them as early as possible. These habits will help your child become a good person. These life lessons will help your child understand life and the people around them in a better way.

Having a stable childhood is a blessing and these habits will help your child retain a positive attitude towards money & life.

As a parent, you know what’s best for your child. However, there might be a few things that you would miss out on while bringing up your kid. Don’t worry, we have got your back. 



Make sure you teach your kids these 10 essential life lessons.

1. Hard Work Is The Key

In the initial years, learning new skills and becoming good at them should be the main goal of a child.  However, a few important things might seem boring to them such as cleaning their room, doing their homework and brushing their teeth.

Therefore. an essential life lesson you should teach them to have patience and work hard at the same time.


2. Respect Everyone


Giving respect is one of the most fundamental behaviors that a child should learn at the very beginning.  While growing up, there are times when people forget to give respect to other people, especially in the case of a different religion and race.  Treating everyone with the same respect will help them to treat everyone equally.

A person who knows how to give respect is one who will be respected in society.  Teaching this fundamental formula of respecting everyone despite all the observable and unobservable differences will help your child turn into a human the world needs in abundance.

essential life lessons

3. Greet Your Elders and Friends

Greeting people, be it their classmates or elders, makes everyone smile. A simple ‘hello’, ‘hi’, or good morning’ with a gentle smile will help your child form bonds with people.

Teach your child to say ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ after taking or giving something. These are little habits that go a long way.

Also, teach your child you say sorry when they screw up. Saying sorry will make them humble and they will be able to accept their flaws and shortcomings. 



4. Don’t By Shy While Asking For Help

Most kids aren’t afraid of asking for help, but a few of them get scared just thinking about it. If your child is an introvert and gets afraid before asking for help, try to make them comfortable and tell them asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed of. 

This essential life lesson is important for not just day to day activities but may also help them out immensely in the future if they ever get into a sticky situation. 



5. Be Curious And Turn On The Imagination Button


importance of Imaginative play

An average kid asks hundreds of questions each day.  Asking questions and being curious is a natural human trait.  However, some kids stop asking questions if they don’t get the answers.

We know the value of your time but giving answers to your child is an essential part of growing up.  Encourage your kid to ask more questions and clear their doubts.  Tell them to ask questions to their teachers also.

Children also have really complicated imaginations that might sound eerie or outlandish to an adult.  No matter how unreal their imagination sounds, encourage your child to think and be aware of the surroundings at the same time.

Both curiosity and imagination are important and they help your child in becoming a creative person later in life. Therefore, cheer them often.

6. Be Honest And Accountable For Your Actions

Making mistakes is quite normal for us as adults but your child doesn’t know that. An essential life lesson is to to teach your child that making mistakes is ok and it is how we learn. They also need to learn to be accountable for their mistakes.

Teach your child not to lie and accept the damage they have done after making a mistake. This will help them later to accept their flaws. Don’t shout at them; instead, encourage them to take care of it next time.


7. Don’t Accept Anything From Strangers

This is an essential life lesson that most parents teach their kids. In today’s society where child abuse has unfortunately become quite common, it is an important job to teach your kid not to take anything from a stranger. The idea of stranger danger should include not taking things from anybody as well as not going anywhere with someone they don’t know.

Tell them about good and bad touch in a way that makes sense to them and encourage them to share their experiences with you like a friend. This open communication with you can help you sense if they have encountered any unusual stranger behaviour. 


8. Dont Let Others Take You For Granted

Children are selfless beings who don’t know much about good and bad treatment. They see the world through rose coloured glasses and don’t have the knowledge or experience to know when they are being taken for granted or taken advantage of.

Teach your child how to stop being around people who bully them and make fun of them. Also, encourage your child to share everything with you. This way, you can monitor your child’s surroundings.

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9. Health Is Wealth

At present, staying healthy is more important than getting good marks. Teach your child healthy eating habits and avoid heavily-processed foods. Teach them to tune in with their body and ask them how different foods make them feel not just how it tastes.

Include them in the shopping and cooking process so they see the effort and love that goes into making food. This will help them make healthy choices in the future. 

Make sure they are doing enough physical activity. Whether that be playing a sport after school or engaging in family bike rides or hikes. It’s an essential life lesson to get kids to understand that looking after their body is crucial if they want to live a long healthy life.


10. Winning Is Great But So Is Feeling Good About Yourself

When a person wins, it is normal to feel good or even great about it. Don’t try to be an authoritarian parent. Rather, encourage your child to give their best and accept their defeat.

More often than not, children feel bad about losing only when people around them make them feel so. Therefore, be encouraging parents and tell your child the importance of failures. 

Encourage them to enjoy the moment and forget about winning and losing. This will help them later in life.


Parenting is an important job. Therefore, make sure you are good at it. No one becomes a parent just by giving birth. You have to invest your time and efforts grooming your child and teaching them lessons for life. Spend more time with your kid and tell them to be their best version. Don’t put extra load and let them enjoy and practice these habits gradually. That’s how you will raise a child who will later change the world.