Don’t let COVID ruin your Easter fun! Enjoy this holiday season safely, with these 12 fun family Easter activities.

Every time I enter a store, I’m reminded that Easter is just around the corner. Shelves stocked with bunny ears, plastic eggs, and colorful baskets tell me it’s time for the annual Easter egg hunt.  But that’s not all we can do.  Here are some fun family Easter activities that you could try out for a change.

Easter Activities For Family Fun Time 

A typical Easter celebration during the good old pre-Covid days would have included an Easter church service (if you are religious), a gala time of fun and feasting among friends and family. 

Now, considering that we have new norms of social distancing and limited social bubbles, keeping festivities within the family seems to be a much safer route. But fear not! You don’t have to worry about the day not being fun enough! 

The ingredients for a perfect holiday include fun, goofiness, laughter and a scrumptious meal. We’ve got the first three covered with these 12 fun family Easter activities. So gather all your family members and get playing!  After all, isn’t being together and spending quality family time the best way to celebrate any occasion?

1. Egg Races

There are quite a few ways you can have egg races, especially with hard-boiled eggs. Try out :

  • An egg and spoon race. Replace lemons with eggs and see who can reach the finish line without dropping their eggs.
  • An egg relay. In this, family members can form groups of 2 or three (depending on the number of people). Or else, play it as a game to test your teamwork skills. The starter scoops the egg into his/her spoon and walks a certain distance before passing the egg onto the next member. Similar to a relay, keep passing the egg without dropping it and see how well you fare at the game as a team. Want to make it more challenging? Try them out with normal eggs instead of hard-boiled ones.
Egg races for Easter fun with family
  • Roll-away egg. Which of you can roll your egg down the slope first? The game will be hilarious if you were to use a paper fan or blow the egg to navigate and give it speed.

2 . Hungry Bunny 

Draw a cardboard bunny with its mouth and stomach cut out. Players have 5 chances (plastic eggs) to toss (feed) the eggs into the bunny.

3. Checkers Game

Switch out your checkers’ pieces for chicks and bunny tokens, and play an awesome game of bunnies vs chicks.

4. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Spice up your traditional Easter egg hunt by changing it into a scavenger hunt. Hide clues inside the eggs for kids and adults to follow.

5. Easter Baskets

Prepare an Easter basket with goodies for your friends and neighbors. Teach your kids how to make paper baskets. Make Easter greeting cards and bake cookies to fill your baskets. Once you’ve made them, drop them off at your friends’ place and surprise them, just like the Easter bunny would do.

This way, your kids can share their festivities with your extended family, in a safe manner.

6. Bunny Hop Race

 Are you the fastest bunny in the house? Hop on straight to the finish line! With older kids, increase the challenge by hopping in burlap sacks.

7. Baking

 There is no better treat than baking with your kids. Besides being a culinary treat, it’s a great time of bonding too.  Try out these simple Easter holiday chocolate and cookies recipes.

8. Easter Crafts

Crafting is yet another fun family activity that you could try out this Easter. You could make greeting cards, dye eggs, make an Easter cross or a collage using items from your backyard. There are endless ways to create Easter crafts,  you’re only limited by your imagination.

Family Easter Activities to Understand The Meaning Of Easter

two kids having fun of painting Easter eggs

As fun as it is to play games and hunt for eggs, you can also make the occasion more special and meaningful for kids by helping them understand what Easter is about. 

It is a festival celebrating the resurrection of a savior, Jesus Christ.  For Christians, Easter or Resurrection Day reminds us that the life we enjoy is a result of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. 

Parents can use Easter festivities as an opportunity to teach children about core life values, such as kindness, humility, and respect. 

Kids can be taught the need for choosing love over hatred, kindness, and tolerance over bias so that they learn to become shining lights in our dark world.

And you can use this Easter to impart these lessons to your kids through the following family activities:

9. Good Habits Week

 Traditionally Easter is preceded by a time of Lent, wherein you abstain from something (food item, or behavior) or “fast” to improve your spirituality.  This could include abstaining from meat or chocolates to quitting smoking and drinking, and many more.

However, asking kids to abstain from something may not be very practical. Instead, encourage them to include good values or behaviors in their daily living. You could ask them to suggest two good habits, one for themselves and the other for the whole family to be followed for a full week. 

Work towards your goals as a family as a fun activity this Easter!

10. Kindness Cross

We need to encourage our kids to be kind to all, regardless of age, color and race. 

All you need for this fun family activity is to draw an outline of a cross on a big chart.  Then, fill the inside of the cross with your random acts of kindness (both yours and the kids) written down on post-it notes.  Get everyone to participate and see the different ways you can be kind to others. 

And honestly, with this, the real challenge is always for the adults. Being intentionally kind will be much harder for you than for your child. However, set an example which your child can always look up to. 

Share a picture of your kindness cross with others, to inspire them to practice the same.

11. Nurture a Family Garden 

Plant some blooms together with your little ones. As you spend time gardening together, use planting and growing thigs to teach kids some important values.  Being patient, cultivating and nurturing good values, and understanding the cause-effect relationship of one’s thoughts on actions.

12. Easter Time Capsule 

 Ask kids to write a letter to their future selves. Put them in the plastic eggs and bury them in your garden to be opened for next Easter.  The letters can be about: 

  • Values that they want to practice.
  • Two or three goals they would like to achieve both for themselves and the community.
  • Their vision of a better future.

These letters can motivate kids to work on themselves.

family fun with Easter activities


Easter is a time of joy and celebration!  Enjoy this Easter, together with your family, with our fun and special family Easter activities.

We hope you have absorbed these meaningful ideas to build a strong relationship and connection with your family. Moreover, nurture your kids’ good values and help your family enjoy this Easter season.

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