Date nights don’t always have to consist of an expensive dinner and a movie. There are many date night ideas for busy parents who want to find time for themselves.

Parents sometimes forget the importance of spending time with each other. When children come along, they become the #1 priority in everyone’s life and it is normal to see family life revolve around them. Partners often get pushed aside and one day when kids grow up and leave home, partners realize they haven’t spent much time together apart from taking care of children. It is important that parents find the time for themselves so that their relationship does not die out over the years.

Reasons Why Busy Parents Need These Date Night Ideas

Some reasons why busy parents need date night ideas include:

To reconnect with each other

One of the most important reasons why date night ideas are necessary for busy parents is to reconnect with each other. When parents are constantly taking care of their children, they can lose touch with each other. Date nights provide an opportunity for couples to talk and catch up on what has been going on in their lives. It is also a time for them to relax and have some fun together.

To remember why they fell in love in the first place

Another reason why date night ideas are important for busy parents is to remember why they fell in love in the first place. When parents are constantly taking care of their children, they can forget the things that drew them to their partner in the first place. Date nights provide an opportunity for couples to reminisce about the good times they’ve had together. They can also use this time to plan for more good times ahead.

To reduce stress

Date night ideas can also help busy parents reduce stress. When parents are constantly stressed out from taking care of their children, it can take a toll on their relationship. Date nights give couples a chance to relax and forget about all their troubles. Additionally, it can help parents who are dealing with empty-nester syndrome caused by being left by kids.

To maintain intimacy

Date night ideas are also important to maintain intimacy in a relationship. When couples are always taking care of their children, they can lose touch with the physical intimacy that is so important in a relationship. Date nights provide couples with an opportunity to be intimate with each other and keep that aspect of their relationship alive.

To have some fun and relax

Parents often forget the importance of having fun and relaxing. When they are constantly taking care of their children, they can become overwhelmed and stressed. Date night ideas provide an opportunity for couples to have some fun and relax without having to worry about their children. This can be done by doing something as simple as watching a movie or playing a puzzle together.

To create lasting memories together

Date night ideas are also important to create lasting memories together. When parents are busy taking care of their children, they can often forget to spend time with each other. Date nights provide an opportunity for couples to do something special and create memories that they will cherish for years to come.

To show their children that they are still a couple and have a life outside of being parents

Date nights show children that their parents are still a couple and have things in common outside of taking care of them. It can also be a way for parents to relax and have some fun.

To make time for themselves

Another important reason why date night ideas are necessary for busy parents is to make time for themselves. When parents are constantly taking care of their children, they can often forget about their own needs. Date nights provide an opportunity for couples to focus on themselves and have some time to relax. This can be done by doing something as simple as going for a walk or eating dinner out.

couples benefit on date night through games

15 Fun Date Night Ideas

Date night for busy parents can be hard to come by, but it’s very important. Here are a few date night ideas to make it a bit easier:

Cook Together

Cooking together can be a fun way for couples to spend time together. Not only do they get to spend time together, but they also get to enjoy a delicious meal afterward. There are many recipes that can be cooked together, and it is a great way to get to know each other better. You may want to bond by preserving food through canning, sous vide cooking, drying food, and meat smoking.

Dinner in Bed

Parents need ideas as well as kids, right? So this date night idea is perfect for both parents and their children. Parents come up with a list of things to do or make dinner in bed for their loved ones. This creates a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together and it also creates some great memories to look back on later.

Picnic in The Park

Who does not love picnics? It is easy, cheap and you get to spend time outside with your loved ones while enjoying nature around you. Find a good spot where you know there will be no people alarming you with loud noises and try having a picnic on public property. It is important to find a space where you will be comfortable enough that you don’t feel as if everyone is watching you.

Boardgame Night

Every parent needs date night ideas, not just busy parents. This can be a very fun date night idea for those who love board games and spending time together trying to win against each other in these games.

Plan A Trip Together

How about planning a trip together? Think of a place close by or somewhere far away from home and start planning the whole thing from flights, hotel accommodations, activities, and food along the way. You can have so much fun planning this trip with your loved one that it will turn into a vacation right at home.

Theatre Night

What about theatre night? Find a play or show that you and your partner would both enjoy and purchase tickets for the two of you. You can dress up and make it a really special night out. This is also a great way to introduce your partner to new things they may not have experienced before.

Ride A Mechanical Bull

This is an exciting option for those with children old enough to stay by themselves for one evening while their parents go out and have fun together as a couple instead of being responsible 24/7 for their kids all the time. Some people love riding mechanical bulls while some don’t ride it at all because of fear. If you are one of those who are afraid to test their skills on the bull, this date night idea is not for you. But if your significant other is someone who loves riding mechanical bulls, this makes for an awesome date night idea that will create memories that both of you will cherish together for years to come.

Drinks And Games Night

This date night idea involves sitting back with a glass of wine while playing board games together. It can be before bedtime or during any time in the evening when everyone has settled down and kids are finally in bed asleep.

Stay In With Your Partner Day

If there is such a thing as a stay-in day then why not make it a ‘stay in with your partner day’? This is where you spend the whole day at home watching TV, playing board games together, and just spending some quality time with each other. Not everyone likes staying in all the time but for those who do, this date night idea sounds awesome.

Go to A Trampoline Park

This date night idea requires a few hours of going out somewhere but it is definitely worth it as trampoline parks are awesome fun for both children and adults alike.

Mini-Golf Night

Mini golf is a great activity to enjoy together as a family or a couple on a date night. It can be enjoyed by those young and old so it makes for an awesome way to spend quality time together for busy parents.

Theme night

Make it a night in Paris or whatever theme you think sounds the most appealing. Prepare food and pick out a movie that is all relevant to the theme. Travel the world without leaving your home!

A game of “Chopped”

Have you ever seen the Food Network show, Chopped? Contestants are presented with a basket of random ingredients and have to make something out of it. Go to the store and shop separately – each picks out a few ingredients then meet back up. This is a great, friendly competition for the cooking couple.

Have a sleepover

A sleepover…in your own house with your spouse? That sounds weird, I know. But grabbing the air mattress and snuggling up in the living room watching a movie can actually be really fun and relaxing. It is a great way to switch things up and if you don’t have a TV in your room, getting to lay down and watch a movie might be a luxury.

Do a wine and chocolate tasting

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, grab a couple of bottles of wine and a few different bars of nice chocolate for a tasting session. There are plenty of scoring sheets you can print out for free online, then you can each rate the product as you taste it.

couples tosses wine for a date night


Date night does not have to be elaborate or expensive, but it is something you should try to do regularly. It is a great opportunity to spend some alone time and just enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever it is you and your sweetheart enjoy, figure out a way to incorporate your interests into a stay-at-home date night. Even if it is just once a month, it is a simple way to keep the fire burning, even if you can’t get rid of the kids for a night.

Date night ideas are important for couples, especially busy parents. They provide an opportunity for the couple to relax and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about anything else. These 14 date night ideas are just a sampling of some great options that will help busy parents create memories together. Which one will you choose?

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Do you and your spouse have a favorite stay-at-home date night idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments!