Have you perhaps tossed date night with your spouse aside because of busy schedules? Do you perceive some level of social isolation from your partner? A date night at home may be the solution.

We understand that being a parent can come with a lot of crazy responsibilities. So much that you’d forget your gypsy days and probably lose your romantic touches. However, it would be great to relive the good old days once again.

It’s time to reconnect with your partner! And to promote that, we have come up with awesome date night at home ideas to improve communication, and connection and rekindle the romance between you and your spouse. Depending on the age of your kids, these date ideas can be employed when they are distracted by screen time or when they are asleep.

Go-to Ideas for A Date Night At Home For Parents

Kids are sometimes problematic. Those little lovelies can be a lot of drama. That is why you need a little break sometimes. Taking out some time to relax is essential, and a date night at home is one of those relaxation tactics.

This guide is a go-to reveal that will let you know how to bring all the fun to your date.

So, ditch those phones and gadgets, rock your babies to sleep, and get ready because you are about to have the romantic date night of your dreams, all in the comfort of your home.

awesome date night at home ideas for parents

1. Organize A Wine Tasting

You can keep things simple by sampling a few local wines or make things a bit more detailed by adding chocolate pairings or cheese. A wine can never go wrong for a date night at home, and it’ll help set the mood. Remember, you are both improvising a big romantic diner in your own home. So, don’t be scared to go all in. 

2. Make Cards About Beautiful Memories

You can make things extra special by making cards and notes about lovely memories. Tell stories about each memory and relive the moment. Have a conversation about which experience was your best, and you could discover a new favorite interest as a pair.

3. Bring Game Event To A Date Night At Home Experience

Whether you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, just a little friendly competition can cause real sparks to fly. Bring games like Chess or Scrabble to the table for a date night at home.

You can also stack Jenga or even stage a game of Monopoly. You can focus on one game or create a whole tournament with a series of other two-person games to see who the ultimate champion is.

However, make sure to be careful as it is not the time to get too worked up. Certain games have a high possibility to cause a rift. Just try finding something that you enjoy as a couple through this date ideas.

4. You Can Enjoy Takeout For A Date Night At Home

Make out some time for a confession.

You can make the atmosphere extra special by lighting candles.

Try wearing fancy clothes and spritzing on a nicely scented perfume to lighten up the mood.

It is time to let out all those secrets that have been eating you up.

Try these date ideas and would be perfect to spice up your date night at home.

enjoy favorite meal with your partner on your date

5. Confession Night By Candlelight

Make out some time for a confession. You can make the atmosphere extra special by lighting candles. Try wearing fancy clothes and spritzing on a nicely scented perfume to lighten up the mood. It is time to let out all those secrets that have been eating you up. 

6. Initiate Conversations with Questions Like You’re Meeting Each Other For the First Time

It doesn’t matter whether you have been together for months, a few years, or even decades. There is always more than you can learn about each other, and what better time to do this than date night.

Get comfy in a calm spot, have some wine, and ask each other questions to find out things you may not have known. It will end up bringing you closer together.

Along with that, more meaningful conversations will spring up, making it an awesome date night at home with your partner.

It’s time to ditch questions about your tomorrow’s schedule or what’s on the grocery list.

7. Discuss Your Favorite Dishes

Your date night at home is a bonding time for you and your spouse. How about spicing things up with food-chat conversations? Discuss your favorite foods and find out your food interests.

You might end up delegating duties for future functions. For example; if there’s going to be a fancy steak dinner, you can place your partner on grilling duty.

8. Cooking Together On A Date Night At Home Is Awesome

cooking some dessert with your partner

If the theme is homemade pasta, one of you can roll out the dough while the other person dices the veggies.

If cooking isn’t one of your styles or that of your partner, you can order ingredients and bake a dessert.

Anything from a batch of brownies to a delicious cheesecake will make a perfect dessert.

And more importantly, it will be fun for a date night at home if doing it together. 

9. Enjoy A Nice Picnic on a Date Night at Home

Who said picnic has to be an outdoor activity? It doesn’t have to be daytime either. You can bring a picnic to your home, and your date night at that.

If the weather is warm and cozy outside, spread a picnic blanket in the balcony or backyard and enjoy some wine while sitting under the stars and relishing the weather. 

10. Bring Cuddles To The Table

If the weather is cold, then use it to your advantage. Enjoy some cuddling together under a blanket. It doesn’t have to be your bedroom. You can cuddle on the floor of your living room, or on a cushion.

Make things cozier by lighting some candles. You can then enjoy a romantic date at night at home that’s easy to create and more expensive than your average restaurant.

11. Make Your Very Own Spa Experience

Who says you have to go to the spa for a couple of massages? You’ve got each other! Purchase a massage oil. You can also use a lotion for massage. Just add a few drops of lavender oil, and take turns treating each other.

Nice bubble baths are not an exception to your spa experience. Treat your bubble baths with fancy bath oils and salts to create a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your home.

12. What about Breakfast in Bed?

Why not spend some quality time with your spouse at the beginning of the day, just before sunset.

Remember, the kids have not woken up yet.

So, make sure to enjoy breakfast in bed and reconnect with your partner.

The idea of a date is to rekindle the romance between you and your partner.

It is one of those date ideas to employ. 

breakfast date with your partner

13. Have A Workout Session Together

There’s a wealth of workout routines you can do with your partner at home. Nothing says love than sweating together.

A workout session is one of the intimate date ideas that you can bring in to spice things up a little. So, wear your sweatpants, workout shirts, and pick up your sneakers because it’s time to get charged up.

14. Release Tension with Yoga

Do yoga together. It is time to relax from all the drama of kids and work. Release the stress from your body with an intensive yoga practice.

There are a lot of yoga practices that you can find on YouTube. Find the ones that are reputed to be for relaxation and release of strength. Your bodies will thank you for it.

15. See A Virtual Concert Together

Enjoy a virtual concert together. It’s going to be a night of memorable fun with this one on the list. Check out your dance moves and challenge each other to a dance battle.

Several live streaming events feature musicians from around the world. All you have to do is Google your favorite artists to see if they are playing straight from their homes.

Different apps stream archives of live concerts and promise to share one every week. You can also find lots of concert and dance videos on YouTube. Enjoy your date night and dance away!

16. Customize Your Date Night At Home To Look Like The Country Of Your Dreams

Even when there is no babysitter in sight, or you do not have the energy to leave your comfort zone, you can bring date night right to you with this wonderful idea.

You can customize your date night at home in several unique ways. Choose a country that you’ve always wanted to travel to. Cook a meal or dance to a song that is inspired by that country.

17. Observe A Cocktail Experimentation

Now that you both have some free time at your disposal, you can experiment with cocktails. Bring out those spirits in your cellar and try out different mixes.

There’s a ton of cocktail recipes you can try from several websites online. Now is the moment to satisfy your long-time curiosity.

18. Do Some Rebellion

play video games with your partner

How about being the kids this time?

Steal away those children’s toys for a moment and have some fun together.

From coloring texts to jigsaw puzzles, you can explore your kids’ games.

If you are both into video games, then this one is a must.

Make your kids fall asleep to avoid disturbance, then play their Xbox, Nintendo switch, or PlayStation. 

19. Play Old-Time Classics

You can decide to go old school with old-time classics like super Mario or Turtle Odyssey. A date night at home has no known boundaries. You can do lots of fun things to spice things up, and this one also adds to the list of things to try.

20. Organize A Dress-Up For A Date Night At Home

Do a mini dress-Up party with your partner. You can spice your date night at home with some romantic comedy montage.

Taking a walk in the park might be excluded from your list, but it will not make the experience less of a date. That you are a parent does not suggest that you should not prioritize your relationship.

It also does not mean that you have to sacrifice romance. Try organizing a dress-up party. Your date night at home would be a blast with this inclusion.


There are a lot of other date ideas you can bring to the table. From game night to cuddles, the fun does not end. Whether you are taking the upper hand in planning a date night at home with your partner is, these ideas will help speed up the process.

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