The Three Life Long Gifts to Children

Life long gifts to children: Though children are the pivots of parents’ lives for good, it would be really meaningful and valuable parenting if involves these three things for their children – Unconditional love, Self-discipline, and Guidance to achieve their goal.

Let’s take a look at these life long gifts to our children.

1. Unconditional Love is One of the Life Long Gifts to Children

Children need our love the most when they deserve it the least. Hence, we are the only people who could love them unconditionally.

However, it is hard not to judge, it is difficult not to compare. Moreover, though not to lose cool. Yet, it is imperative to love without judging, comparing, and fuming.

When we love them unconditionally, they learn to value life unconditionally. When they have the confidence that they can come to you anytime with a broken nose, a broken heart, a broken bank balance, or a broken life.

Moreover, children will have the courage to bounce back every time they get knocked down. Show them that you will love them come what may, forever.

Loving them conditionally is a life long gift to children!

mom and dad kissing loving daughter

I always tell my fellow parents that Parenting is an emotion.

One should become a Parent only when they are sure of having this emotional energy that keeps them patient, sane, and hopeful as a parent for the longest of time.

The emotion called Parenting keeps us awake for nights when they have a cold or an exam or a late-night party.

This emotion keeps us calm when they defy or fail an exam or mess up with a senior. Even when our kids turn fifty. Our emotion keeps us content, even when we miss them in our empty nests.

2. Discipline is a Life Long Gift to Children

All the cool, friendly parents of today need to remind themselves that their children need parents, not friends which they have many.

When parents are disciplined, children adapt their ways.

Therefore, emotional discipline, health discipline, time discipline, learning discipline and moral discipline are life long gift to children.

Our children need to learn to face rejection and disappointment as an integral part of life so that they don’t get unusually angry or depressed. Ensuring development of healthy habits for eating, exercising, sexual activeness is our prime responsibility.

discipline is a life long gift to children

Showing them by example to organize and prioritize goes a long way in making them self-reliant.

A strong value system coupled with habits like reading and researching helps them decide between right and not so right choices.

Limiting them is a skill we all need.

I always tell my parent colleagues that kids don’t learn when we teach them something, they learn when they are ready.

We should keep showing them the right behaviors and they will pick it someday which could be today or years later.

3. Guidance to Achieve Their Goal

Having expectations is natural as we are used to parents owning the lives of children.

We are to our children what a gardener is to plants and trees in a garden.

He looks after the plants’ well-being every day, adding manure, required fertilizers, cutting, mowing, pruning, but he doesn’t own the plants, the flowers, and the fruits.

guide your children

Despite all the care, some plants get uprooted or wilt due to weather conditions.

A gardener observes and tries to control the damage by being caring as well as vigilant.

Parents do the same by observing silently, encouraging from the sidelines, guiding casually without being pushy or authoritative.

Letting them choose simple things like buying school materials. If they wish to have a certain bag or notebooks, it’s not hard for us parents.

Support them on their hobbies too!

We can show them the path, but we can’t walk for them.

We can teach them the words, but we can’t talk to them.

Further, let them bloom into their own persons with their unique fragrances. Let’s not try to make them a version of our dreams and expectations. 

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