These 4 common health conditions in children give parents many sleepless nights.

Kids can present with some interesting health conditions over the course of their childhood.

Public schools, sports, and everyday germs can leave our kiddos with some weird health issues.

We tackle four really common heath conditions in children and ways to overcome them.

Every mom needs to have the knowledge to help her battle the weird illnesses her kids might bring home.


 Athlete’s Foot


Athlete’s foot can be disgusting.

It’s a common health condition in children and acontagious fungal infection that commonly plagues student-athletes.

It can make your child’s feet itch, sting, blister, and even make the skin peel.

It’s pretty miserable and can even be quite smelly.

Thankfully, there are many different athlete’s foot treatments you can try.

One home remedy all moms should know is how to use rubbing alcohol to treat athlete’s foot.

You either apply the rubbing alcohol directly to the infection or make a solution of 7 parts rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water and soak your child’s feet in it for 30 minutes.

Do this every day until the infection goes away. 


common health conditions in kids

Lice Are A Common Health Condition In Children

These nasty little bugs are hard to see and one of the most common helath conditions in children.

They are spread easily, and live in your child’s hair. Yuck.

If your child comes home with lice, make sure you check everyone else in the house as well.

parenting advice for lice

For anyone who does have lice, use a fine-tooth comb and tweezers to remove any of the lice.

Use an over-the-counter medicated shampoo to kill any lice or nits (lice eggs) that you missed.

Be sure to double-check everyone in the house for lice for the next few days.

Also wash any clothing, bedding, pillows, and toys your child may have touched because lice can jump to and live on these items.


Pinkeye is another one of those highly contagious health conditions your children could catch at school.

This disease can make the white of the eye turn red and make the skin around the eye swollen and puffy.

It can also make the eyes secrete a yellow, green, or white discharge.

Children with pinkeye might also complain about their eyes itching, burning, or their vision being blurrier than normal.

Pinkeye tends to go away on its own after about 2 weeks.

Here are a few things you can do to help relieve pink eye symptoms during that time.

Place a damp towel over the eyes, use eye drops, take pain-relievers, and avoid touching the eyes.

These will help reduce swelling and further irritating the eye.

Remember that pinkeye is highly contagious and you need carefully teach your children not to spread it to anyone else.

parenting tips for child health

Hives Is A Health Condition Common In Children

Another common health condition in  children is hives.

An allergic reaction to they are red or pink bumps on the skin, can look a little scary and be very itchy.

parenting tips for hives

 They normally only last for a few hours and there are ways to help stop the itching when hives do pop up.

Have your child change into loose-fitting clothes to stop clothing from further irritating their skin.

Putting a cold damp washcloth on the hives can also help reduce the itching.

The most important thing is to encourage your child to avoid scratching because this could cause more of a reaction and make the itching last longer.


Moms play many roles—mother, teacher, friend or even doctor to common health conditions in children.

It can feel like moms are supposed to know everything, and sometimes it seems like they really do know it all.

Even though moms might not really know everything, they do know how to take great care of their kids.

We have some great tips to keep your kid’s immunity strong in this article.

So keep these four health tricks in your mommy-doctor tool belt and continue to be a great mom.