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Immunity and building strong immune systems are some of the most common terms you hear when being a parent starting right from the time you come to know you are pregnant. These terms revolve around you for your whole parental life and is always an important thing to think about with your children.

Building a strong immune system for your kids has always been a topic of concern especially how a weak immunity could cause trouble in babies and children, especially during their growing stages.

Every child’s immunity is going to be different depending on their environment, genetics and their daily activities and there isn’t a one size fits all approach when boosting a child’s immune system.

However, there are several things that you can do in your everyday life to help make your children’s immune system strong.

Building a strong immune system for your kids is especially important during the winter season when infants and little children stand the danger of being exposed to more germs and due to their underdeveloped immune system this can mean they get more sick then their adult counterpart. Diseases such as the common cold and influenza take over during this season snd can have big effects on little children.

Rather than stressing about it, concentrating on a couple of simple things will assist you throughout the whole season while also improving your child’s immunity system.

Watch What’s In Your Environment

Keep your environment clean. It is always preferred as being safe than sorry. Keep the room clean and ensure basic cleanliness and hygiene. For toddlers and older kids, instruct them to wash hands before eating and abstain them from keeping their clothes wet regardless of whether it happens accidentally and control them from fiddling around unnecessarily.

Now the most important thing here is to NOT RESTRICT children’s activity. You should not stop babies from investigating and exploring or little children from playing in the dirt. The standard is to screen what the child is putting in mouth and keeping everything clean. Let them play outside, you can give them a shower after their outdoor playing session.

building strong immune systems in kids

Try not to Be Over-Protective

While you will be worried about the safety of your child, it is not difficult to go overboard as well. Try not to prevent your children from playing outdoors or exposing them to mud or slime. After some time, these activities if done modestly and taken care of, by intensive cleanups will eventually develop immunity levels. Rather than being overly defensive, let your child feel free to slush down the puddle and enjoy outdoors.


build a childs immune system

Immunity Building Food

Their is no super food that is going to boost your child’s immune system as soon as they eat it. The best way you can use food to help boost your child’s immune system is to eat a real food diet and restrict the amount of processed food they eat. Foods such as eggs, vegetables, fruits, legumes and some meat help in building a stronger immunity in your child. Try to give a balanced diet and continue serving such foods all the time.

Make sure that you include dry fruits as a part of children’s diet after a year. The introduction should just be done on a specialist’s recommendation. Dry fruits, particularly almonds and walnuts, help up immunity levels like nothing else and help in putting on weight.

Limit Dependence on Antibiotics

Ensure that you settle your child up utilizing home cures and remedies during the early years. For minor colds and such other ailments, ensure you stop running after your kid’s pediatrician for antibiotics. Without a doubt, it is hard to see the runny nose and upset child rejecting food however you have to be patient. Building immunity is additionally a procedure that happens even while the child experiences cold and episodes of related symptoms. In this way, going in for steaming, feeding liquids and comparative home remedies will trigger immunity building functions of the body. Trust your instinct and if you feel your child needs antibiotics then definitely see your doctor.

Expose them to pets

While it will require some longer time for households overall to build up a fondness towards pets, this really makes better immunity in kids. Particularly, babies who are exposed to pets explicitly dogs, as newborns; have better immunity. While you must be alert, you need not be excessively conscious with regards to your child touching pets or playing with your dogs. As long as cleanliness issues aren’t included, a pat on the Lab’s back and some mingling won’t bring any harm to your little one.

kids immune system and pets



Sleep to boost your immunity

One most common mistake that parents commit with regards to building their kids’ immunity is to not give enough consideration to their sleeping schedule.
Uninterrupted sleep for 10 to 12 hours is required in babies around six to eight months. Furthermore, the requirement for a similar habit continues later on too. This should be actualized with the correct mix of food, sleep and exercises.




Kids need to be active both for their development and to help with their immune system. Exercise helps with hormone regulation and overall body health. Make sure the exercise routine is age dependent and that it makes your child happy. Even something as simple as a walk is a great way to help your child’s immune system.

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Building a strong immune system for your child is one of the best things you can do for them in their early years. Not only will it limit their childhood sicknesses or at lease derease their severity but it also sets them up for a healthier immune system throughout their life.

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