When it comes to celebrating the coming arrival of a baby girl, there’s no shortage of creative and fun baby shower ideas to choose from. Whether you’re a parent-to-be, a close friend, or a family member, planning a baby shower is an exciting way to honor the mom-to-be and make lasting memories. In this blog, we’ll explore four delightful baby shower ideas that are perfect when you’re expecting a baby girl. From classic and old-fashioned themes to modern twists, we’ve got you covered!

A Classic and Old-Fashioned Affair

In a world where technology often takes center stage, there’s something enchanting about taking a step back in time and throwing an old-fashioned baby shower. One sweet idea that never goes out of style is a back-in-time theme.

Embrace the charm of yesteryears by decorating with soft pastel colors like pale pink and mint green. Lace tablecloths, vintage floral centerpieces, and delicate tea sets will transport guests to a bygone era. You can even hang a clothesline filled with tiny baby bloomers as a cute and nostalgic backdrop.

Set the tone with vintage-inspired invitations adorned with lace, bows, and perhaps even a cameo silhouette of a baby girl. Include a request for guests to bring a pair of baby bloomers or an old-fashioned dress style as a gift. Engage your guests with activities like “Guess the Baby Photo.” Ask attendees to bring a baby photo of themselves, and everyone can try to match the adorable faces with the adults they’ve become.


You can also organize a crochet or knitting corner where guests can create handmade gifts for the little one. For refreshments, serve classic tea sandwiches, scones, and an array of pastel-colored cupcakes. A beautiful, tiered cake with intricate lace designs can be the centerpiece of the dessert table. Send guests home with a little piece of nostalgia by gifting them with vintage-style handkerchiefs. These keepsakes will be cherished reminders of the lovely day.

A Whimsical Garden Party

If you want to celebrate the beauty of nature and the impending arrival of a new baby girl, a garden-themed baby shower is a delightful choice. Transform your backyard or a cozy outdoor space into a floral wonderland. Adorn tables with flower centerpieces, hanging paper lanterns, and twinkle lights. Scatter petals on the ground to create a whimsical atmosphere. Choose invitations with colorful flowers and butterflies. Encourage guests to wear their favorite floral attire to add to the garden party vibe.

Set up a flower crown-making station where guests can create beautiful crowns using fresh blooms. You can also organize a fun game to test everyone’s botanical knowledge. Keep the menu light and fresh with a variety of salads, finger sandwiches, and fruit platters. A garden-inspired cake adorned with edible flowers will steal the show. Send guests home with small potted plants or packets of flower seeds so they can continue to nurture their own little garden.

Princess Paradise

Every little girl is a princess in her parents’ eyes, so why not embrace the regal theme with a princess-themed baby shower? Create a fairy tale atmosphere with glittering tiaras, satin tablecloths, and gold accents. Use a soft color palette of pink, lavender, and gold to make the space feel truly royal. Design with a crown motif and encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite princess or prince. It’s an opportunity for everyone to let their inner royalty shine. Have a fun name game where guests suggest elegant and regal names for the baby.

You can also organize a mini photo shoot with props like tiaras and scepters to capture the magic of the day. Serve mini quiches, cucumber sandwiches, and a castle-shaped cake as the centerpiece. Don’t forget the sparkling cider or mocktails served in fancy glasses. Send guests home with personalized crowns, princess-themed candles, or enchanting fairytale storybooks.

A Bohemian Baby Bash

For a more laid-back and Bohemian vibe, consider a dreamcatcher-themed baby shower. Decorate with dreamcatchers of various sizes and colors hanging from trees or scattered throughout the venue. Create a cozy lounge area with floor cushions, rugs, and low tables. Design invitations with dreamcatcher motifs and encourage guests to wear their boho-chic attire.


Set up a dreamcatcher-making station with different materials for guests to create their own unique dreamcatchers. You can also organize a henna tattoo artist or a tarot card reader for added mystique. Serve a buffet of global cuisine featuring dishes from different cultures to embrace the Bohemian spirit. Include a smoothie bar for refreshing drinks. Guests can bring home mini dreamcatchers, scented candles, or handcrafted incense bundles for a little piece of the Bohemian charm.