A baby shower is a happy and special celebration for every mum to be and getting her a unique baby shower gift can make it even more special.

From fun baby-themed games to thoughtful gifts and baby products, every future mum is showered with love and appreciation to show her support for her upcoming journey.

That said, while you may want to give the new mum-to-be all that she deserves and more when it comes to baby shower gifts, choosing a unique baby shower gift can get a little confusing.

From products we’ve never heard of or used to complex baby equipment, there are a lot of popular shower gifts that everyone usually opts for.

However, while these may help the future mum with her baby, why not change it up a bit?

Adding fun elements like a bespoke balloon in a box, scented candles, self-care products, etc. can prove to be the ultimate self-pampering gifts that she needs before she welcomes her little one.

With this in mind, here we’ve put together a few fun and unique gift ideas for baby showers that every mum is sure to appreciate.

Let’s take a look!

5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

1. Indulgent Self Care Hamper

Every mother-to-be knows how challenging the transition phase can be – from waiting for the arrival of your little one to the first few months of adjusting to making them feel comfortable, there’s a lot a mum needs to be ready for.

That said, an indulgent gift like a self-care hamper can let her take care of herself before she embarks on this wonderful journey of motherhood.

If you’re looking to give the mum-to-be a self-care hamper, you could consider including elements like scented candles, handmade soaps, her favourite gourmet chocolates, candy sweet treats and maybe some essential oils and face masks.

Additionally, you could also include a thoughtful card and add a balloon in a box to go all out; with an indulgent self-care hamper, the new mum-to-be is sure to feel loved and supported.

unique baby shower gift

2. DIY Photo Album

While many people document a future mum’s pregnancy journey, having a record of all the special moments in a DIY photo album can help her keep a physical record of her wonderful experiences.

ideas for a unique baby shower gift

Choose an even more unique baby shower gift by opting for a DIY photo album, instead of the usual one. This can prove to be fun and artistic. This is because the mother can add her favourite elements and creations, whenever she wants to, to better suit her likes and preferences.

Moreover, personalising the gift by getting her initials engraved on the album can make it even more amazing; the mum-to-be is surely going to appreciate this.

3. Scented Candle Set

Another great unique baby shower gift for the mother to be is a scented candle set. Scented candles are a great medium to create a soothing and calm atmosphere for any living space and since every new mum might require this at some point or the other, it serves as a great gift. 

From soothing scents like lavender to refreshing ones like lemon, there are a variety of scented candles that can prove to be useful for every mum.

Since candles are always a good idea (as long as safety is taken care of), gifting a candle set can prove to be just what she needs to help herself stay relaxed and calm.

Additionally, with various elegant packaging, these candles are no less than a decor meaning they serve as a great gift idea for a baby shower.

baby shower gifts that are unique

4. Egyptian Cotton Towels And Linen

When it comes to luxuriousness and comfort, there are very few things that come close to Egyptian cotton. That said, why not treat the mum-to-be with an incredible Egyptian cotton towel and linen set?

baby shower gift ideas

From plush and soft towels that feel great to comfortable and stylish linens, the new mum is sure to feel spoilt and pampered amidst her daily routine.

Since it is a known fact that Egyptian cotton is one of the plushiest and most comfortable materials, gifting the future mum a set of both is surely going to brighten up her day.

Moreover, given that most of the baby shower gifts are likely to be for the post-baby period, this indulgent set will surely be beneficial throughout the journey.

5. Comfy Sleepwear

Let’s face it, we all love our pyjamas and baggy t-shirts more than casual clothes, especially when it comes to home-wear. 

Since sleeping when expecting may prove to be slightly uncomfortable and challenging for many, why not help out by making your baby shower gift a comfy sleepwear set?

Maternity sleepwear and pyjama sets can help the expectant mother feel a little more comfortable during her last few months of pregnancy. While she may already have a few, there’s no such thing as too many pyjamas!

Additionally, you could take it a step further and embroider it with the mum’s initials to make the gift all the more special and unique.

We are sure your new mum friend will love this unique baby shower gift!

unique gift ideas for baby shower

To Sum Up Our Unique Baby Shower Gifts

While baby shower gifts like a bassinet or other baby products are certainly useful, most gifts focus on the post-pregnancy journey of the mother and the baby.

By giving her any of these bespoke gifts, however, the mum can use them to make the most of her pregnancy and feel loved and special throughout the journey.

Moreover, these unique baby shower gifts for every mum-to-be will definitely be successful in making her feel happy and ready for the new chapter in life! 

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