The arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s  life.  However, preparing for the new arrival can be overwhelming, which is why we came up with this handy baby shower guide for new parents.

This extensive guide includes everything you need to know about hosting baby showers.  From what to include in the invitation to how to plan the perfect party.

So, whether you’re a first-time parent or need some new ideas, you’ll find all the information you need to throw an amazing baby shower!

Our baby shower guide for new parents must start with planning.  Planning a baby shower can seem daunting, but with these 7 simple steps, you’ll be ready to go in no time!

1. Choose a date and time.

2. Find a location.

3. Send invitations to guests.

4. Plan the menu.

5. Decorate the venue.

6. Plan games and activities.

7. Thank your guests for coming!

Throwing a baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive!  With these tips, you can host an amazing baby shower without breaking the bank.

Baby Shower Guide For New Parents – Venues

When it comes to venues, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great location.  Here are some tips for finding an affordable venue:

  • Check with local businesses.  Many businesses, such as restaurants and banquet halls, offer discounted rates.
  • Ask friends and family if they have a space that could be used for the baby shower.
  • See if there are any community rooms available to rent.
  • Look at a local park with some cover.
  • Ask about discounts at local hotels.
  • Get creative and think outside the box!  A beach baby shower may be fun for everyone!

Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

You can find beautiful and affordable invitations, or create your own.

    • Check out online retailers:  There are a number of online retailers that sell affordable baby shower invitations.  Look for ideas on Instagram or Etsy, to find a great selection of invitations at a variety of prices.

    • Consider print-at-home options:  If you’re looking for an even more affordable option, consider printing your own invitations.  You can print as many invitations as you need, and you’ll only have to pay for the paper and ink.

    • Shop clearance sales:  If you’re patient, and organised, you can find great deals on invitations at clearance sales. Check your favorite stores or online retailers leading up to the baby shower to see if they have any discounted invitations available.

    easy invitations for baby shower
    • Ask around:  If someone you know has recently had a baby shower, ask if they have any leftover invitations that you could use.  This is a great way to get your hands on some high-quality invitations without spending a lot of money.
    • Make your own:  If you’re creative, you can always make your own baby shower invitations.  This is a great option if you want to personalize the invitations or add your own unique touch.  You can find tutorials online or in craft stores.  There are many free templates and designs available online, or you can design your own e-invitation from scratch to add a personalized touch and it is affordable, or you can design your own from scratch.  If you’re not crafty, you can purchase blank invitations and use stickers or stamps to decorate them.

    With these tips, your baby shower guide for new parents is well on its way, without breaking the bank.  Just remember to be patient and shop around to find the best possible prices.

    Baby Shower Guide For New Parents Menu

    Select a variety of foods that will appeal to all guests.  Be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions before finalizing the menu.

    Use these easy menu ideas to get you started.

    • Finger foods: fruit kabobs, veggies and dip, mini quiches, chicken salad croissants
    • Baby shower punch: There are many recipes available online or you can ask a friend for their favorite punch recipe.  You can include alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.
    • Cake: Either bake a cake yourself or order one from a local bakery.  Be sure to get a cake that is themed or decorated with baby items.
    • Cookies: No baby shower is complete without some delicious cookies!  Again, bake them yourself or purchase from a local bakery.  There are themed cookies available, or you can decorate them with baby items.
    • Sandwiches: Choose a variety of meats, cheeses and bread to make sure there are options for everyone.
    • Salads: A few different salad options will give guests something light and healthy to eat.
    • Fruit: Include a fruit platter or fruit salad for a refreshing option.
    • Veggies and dip: Another healthy option that guests will appreciate.
    • Dessert: No baby shower is complete without some tasty desserts!  Have a variety of options, like cookies, cupcakes, and cake that you make yourself or purchase locally.

    How To Save Money On Decor

    When it comes to decor, there are a few simple ways to save money.  Use these top tips in our baby shower guide for new parents to create a stunning space.

    new parents baby shower guide
    • Use recycled materials: One of the best ways to save money on decor is to use recycled materials. This could include using leftover wrapping paper, fabric, or materials from other projects.
    • Create DIY decorations: Another great way to save money on baby shower decor is to create your own decorations. This could include making your own centerpieces, banners, or even piñatas.
    • Shop discount stores: There are a number of discount stores, like Walmart and Target, that sell baby shower decor at a fraction of the price of other stores.
    • Shop online: If you’re looking for a large selection of decor, shop online. There are a number of online retailers that sell affordable decorations.
    • Use what you have: Lastly, don’t be afraid to use what you have already! If you have some unused baby items or decorative items around the house, use them to add some personality to the decor.

    New Parents Baby Shower Guide For Activities

    When it comes to baby shower activities, there are a number of great, inexpensive options.

    • Play games: are a great way to keep guests entertained.  There are a variety of baby shower games that can be played, and most can be adapted to any budget.
    • Have a photobooth: A photo booth is a fun, affordable way to keep guests entertained.  All you need is a camera and some props from Backdrop rental singapore, and you can create a fun photo booth for guests to enjoy.
    • Serve baby-themed food: baby-themed food is a great way to get guests in the mood.  There are a number of recipes that can be made on a budget, and most can be served as finger food for easy snacking.
    • Make a DIY banner: A DIY banner is a great way to add some personality to the baby shower.  You can make one using materials that you already have around the house, or you can find some great tutorials online.
    • Have a craft station: A craft station is a great way for guests to get creative and make something special for the new baby.  Set up stations with different craft supplies, or you could choose one activity, like making baby clothes pins or hair bows.

    How Do You Entertain Guests?

    Games to entertain your guests that don’t require many materials are always included in a baby shower guide for new parents.

    1. Bingo: This game is perfect since it doesn’t require any materials.  You can either create your own bingo cards, download free printable ones or buy pre-printed baby shower bingo cards.

    2. License Plate Game: This game also doesn’t require any materials.  To play, have guests look for license plates from all 50 states.  The first guest to find a license plate from every state wins!

    3. Guess Baby’s Age: Guests need to guess the age of a baby based on their pictures.

    4. Baby Word Scramble: This game is perfect for a baby shower because all you need is paper and pens. Guests have to unscramble words related to babies to win points.

    5. Who Said It?: Guests listen to quotes about babies and then guess who said it.  The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

    6. Baby Shower Charades: Guests act out different baby-related words and phrases. Be prepared for some very funny moments!

    7. Baby Food Tasting: This game is ideal because it’s both fun and delicious!  Wearing a blindfold guests taste different types of baby food to see if they can identify it.

    baby shower games

    8. Diaper Derby: This game is both fun and challenging. Guests will have to race while wearing diapers. The guest with the fastest time wins!

    9. Baby Photo Match: Guests will have to match baby photos to the correct parents. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

    10. Baby Trivia: This game let guests will have to answer questions about babies. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

    Other Ideas In The Baby Shower Guide For New Parents

    With these ideas, you’re sure to have an affordable and fun baby shower!

    Use a diaper cake as a centerpiece.

    A diaper cake is a creative and practical way to decorate.  It can also double as a game prize or a gift for the new parents.  To make a diaper cake, simply stack rolled diapers into the shape of a cake and decorate them with ribbons and toys.

    Use baby food jars as vases for flowers.

    Baby food jars make adorable vases for baby shower flowers.  Simply remove the labels from the jars and wash them thoroughly.  Fill with water and add fresh or artificial flowers.  You can also use the jars to hold other small items such as candies or favors.

    Create a “onesie” bar.

    A “onesie” bar is a fun way to let guests personalize gifts for the new baby.  Set out a selection of plain white onesies and provide markers, fabric paints, or iron-on transfers so guests can create their own designs.  This is also a great activity for kids to do in the shower.

    Fill a piñata with small toys and candy.

    A piñata adds fun to a baby shower guide for new parents.  Not only is it a fun decoration, but it can also double as a game or activity for guests.  Fill it with small toys and candy that are appropriate for babies and let guests take turns hitting it until it breaks open.  Be sure to have enough prizes for everyone to take home something special.

    Use baby blocks as decoration.

    Blocks are a classic baby shower decoration that can be used in a variety of ways.  Stack them into a pyramid or spell out words such as “baby” or “mommy-to-be.”  You can also use them to create table centerpieces or to decorate the walls.

    Make a diaper wreath.

    A diaper wreath is a practical and cute decoration for a baby shower.  To make one, simply roll up diapers and form them into a circle.  Decorate with ribbons, flowers, or other small items.  This wreath can also be used as a door hanger or wall decoration.


    Set up a baby photo station.

    A baby photo station is a great way to get everyone in on the fun.   Set up a table with props such as hats, headbands, and sunglasses.  Guests can take turns dressing up and posing for photos.  This is also a great opportunity to get some funny or unique shots of the mom-to-be.

    Give out practical prizes.

    While baby-themed prizes are always popular, you can also give out prizes that the new parents will actually use.  Consider giving away gift cards to restaurants or stores that sell baby items, or even a day of free babysitting.  Practical prizes will be appreciated and used long after the shower is over.

    These are just a few ideas to get you started.  With a little creativity, you can throw a baby shower that will be remembered long after the baby is born.  So have fun and enjoy celebrating the impending new arrival!

    Baby Shower Don’ts?

    At baby showers, there are some things you should not do.

    For example, don’t give out prizes that will likely not be useful.  Think of items that new parents will not have and that will make a difference once baby is here.  Clothes and swaddles, toys for both newborns and older toddlers or even some books are all great ideas for gifts.

    Also, try not to play any games that involve alcohol.  It may be tempting to have a baby shower that’s more like a party, but the focus should be on the mom-to-be and the new baby, not on getting drunk.  So, keep the baby shower games and activities wholesome and family-friendly.


    Thank your guests for coming with inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts.

    Key Takeaways From Our Baby Shower Guide For New Parents

    • Baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby.
    • There are many different ways to host baby showers.  They can be tailored to fit the needs of the parents and the baby.
    • Some fun and easy games that guests will enjoy include guessing baby food, playing dress-up and taking photos.
    • Baby shower gifts that are practical and useful will be appreciated by the new parents long after the baby is born.

    We hope this baby shower guide for new parents was helpful in giving you some unique and fun ideas.  If you have any other tips or suggestions, please share them in the comments below.  And, if you found this article helpful, we have other articles with more great advice for new moms. 

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